Part 2497 – Hurry To Terminal E!!

After paying for two new tickets, waiting for the boarding passes to cross over and print, and silently thanking God for luggage with wheels, Barbara grabbed Ambrose’s hand.

They ran to Terminal E. They ran through large empty spaces, through spots of crowds, past people dragging their luggage, past people talking and embracing, past couples saying their tearful goodbyes, past people complaining about the closed food court.

They ran past a group of earnest-looking Mormons getting a pep talk from their leader. 

Past vending machines.

Past terminals.

Terminal A.

Terminal B.

A big sign pointing to the bathrooms.

A random water fountain.

Terminal C.

A kiosk selling souvenir pens and whistles.

A kiosk selling books, maps, and fancy Sharpies.

Terminal D.

A wall mural celebrating diversity.

A large sign pointing to the lost and found department.

Terminal E.

Barbara led Ambrose to the security checkpoint and talked him through it. He gave the walk-through scanner a strongly skeptical look, but he walked through it okay. She walked through it herself as Ambrose fussed with putting his shoes back on. Once she was on the other side, she took a moment to quietly admire him.

His hair.

His profile.

His body.

His arms.

She blushed at the memory of his arms around her, of his hands moving over her skin, of his legs on her legs. Her heart fluttered in a way that made her blush even more.

He stood up straight and smoothed the hem of his hoodie. He made eye contact with her.

And she just wanted to fall into his arms. Does he feel this way too? Or is it just me?

He returned to Barbara and gently took her hands into his hands.

The physical contact of skin on skin gave her goosebumps. “Ambrose…” she whispered.

He kissed her forehead and whispered, “I know.” against her skin. “Let’s get these bags checked in so we can just leave already.”

She giggled. He feels it too. I shouldn’t be surprised and really? I’m not. I’m somewhere between happy and relieved. “Let’s go, kitten.”


Barbara didn’t need to say a word to express her desire for him. Ambrose could see it easily in her eyes and in the heat of her blush. 

And it amazed him.

To have someone love me and want me even after we’ve had sex…I don’t know if she’ll ever realize how amazing that is to me. He kissed her forehead again. I’m glad. Glad that she doesn’t know the hurt of giving herself to someone and being dumped the next day.

He looked into her blue eyes. And she will never know it. “Come, love. Let’s go.” 

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