Part 2498 – Cold Feet? Now?

It took hours to check in.

Hours and 358,098 questions.

At least that’s what it seemed like to Ambrose. It didn’t help that all of the questions were repeats of the ones they’d answered before. But Barbara held his hand and that made a whole world of a difference. Her touch kept him calm and civil. It kept him from saying all of the snarky things inside his head.

In a matter of minutes, or so it seemed, the questions came to an end.

Ambrose smiled at Barbara as they handed off their suitcases. “Finally done with that part.”

“Mm-hmm. Now, all we have to do is go to our gate, wait a bit, and get on the plane.”

He played around with a loose tendril of her hair. “Mmm. Then, we’ll be on our way.” He twirled it around his finger and kissed it. “Love, are you sure you want to do it this way?”

“This way? What? Do you mean coming with you on the Extraordinary Express? Yes. I am very sure. Besides, we went through way too much trouble to reach this point. I am not backing out now.”

He frowned slightly. “It is risky. We don’t know what kind of extraordinaries will be on this plane.”

“True.” She smiled. “But I assume they’ve all answered the same questions you and I had to go through. Maybe with some alterations for the different kinds of extraordinaries, but all with the same basic idea — Are you safe enough to travel on a plane?”

“Someone could always lie.” he said. “A vampire might say that they’ve had their taste of blood for the night. A werewolf might say that they’ve already had their missing week this month.”

She ran her fingers through his hair. “I’m not the only one at risk, Ambrose. A vampire hunter could sneak aboard posing as a vampire or a werewolf or any number of extraordinaries.”

He turned his face to kiss her hand.

“A plane is a very confined space. It doesn’t give you a lot of room to fight off a determined enough vampire hunter.”

“So? What do you want to do?” he asked.

She trailed her fingers from his hair to the pull tab for his hoodie’s zipper. She lightly traced the pull tab’s outline with her fingertip.

He inhaled a soft, sharp breath.

“The most sensible thing would be for us to take separate planes.” she said to the zipper. “You take the night. I take the day. But I don’t want to.” Her fingers stopped meddling with the zipper tab and spread out on his chest.

He exhaled through his slightly open mouth.

She slowly looked up at him. “I will take the risk. I will stay with you.”

“And I will keep you safe. I promise.”

“I know you will.”

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