Part 2496 – Love-Festing Works!

Barbara startled. “What?”

“What kind of extraordinary are you?” the ticketing agent repeated.

“Ohh, Umm, I’m not an extraordinary. I’m a human.”

The ticketing agent drummed her fingers on her keyboard. “And you’re traveling with him?”

“Yes. He is my husband. We’re going down to Florida on our honeymoon.”


Ambrose frowned. “I don’t like the sounds of that ‘Oh’.”

“I beg your pardon, Mr. Smith. It’s just that legally I can’t let her on the plane with you.”

Ambrose’s pupils widened.

Barbara was pretty sure her pupils did the same. “What? I don’t…What are we supposed to do?”

The ticketing agent clicked her tongue. “I know it’s a terrible inconvenience, but you’ll have to go down on the next available flight while he takes this flight.”

Ambrose shook his head. “That is not going to happen.”

“I agree.” Barbara said. “I don’t want to be separated from him, especially on his first flight.”

“I understand that, but…” The ticketing agent sighed. “Mrs. Smith, you would be one human on a whole plane of assorted extraordinaries. That is a liability this airline will never deem acceptable.”

“I will protect her.” Ambrose said.

The ticketing agent gave him an assessing look. “Yes, I’m sure you will. But that is a problem and a liability all on its own. We can’t have our passengers fighting on the plane.”

“That’s all very understandable.” Barbara said. “But I am not leaving this state without my husband.”

The ticketing agent shrugged. “Then, you’ll have to buy tickets for the next flight tomorrow.”

“What time would that be?”

“Let me see…” She did a whole lot of typing on her computer. “Oh, here it is. Nine o’clock in the morning.”

“But he’s a vampire! Have you ever tried to move a day-exhausted vampire? I have. Let me tell you: It is not easy.”

The ticketing agent shrugged in a “Not my problem” gesture. Mercifully, she refrained from actually saying it.

Barbara turned to Ambrose. “What should we do?”

He gently smoothed some stray hair strands away from the side Barbara’s face. He gently tucked them around her ear. We could always slap the tickets onto the counter and tell her to stick them in between two pieces of bread, glop mayo all over it, and eat it. Then, we could drama exit this whole airport and drive all the way to Florida.

Barbara giggled. That is very tempting.

He smiled flirtatiously at her. Yes, you are.

She blushed.

He cupped her face in between his hands and lightly kissed her cheekbones. I love you so much, Barbara. I adore you. His voice was soft, seductive warmth inside her head.

Her blush deepened. And I love you, Ambrose. I love you so much.

The ticketing agent gave their love-festing a long look before typing something on her computer.

Barbara slipped her hands under the hem of his hoodie and held onto the sides of his waist.

“Hmmm.” he exhaled in a warm sound.

She rubbed her thumbs on his skin.

Ohhh, you are a naughty girl.

She giggled again. “What? I’m not a naughty brat?”

He kissed her. Yes, you are.


“Okay! Um.” The ticketing agent snapped her fingers several times to get their attention. 

Ambrose kissed Barbara one more time before reluctantly turning his attention back to the woman behind the counter. “Yeah?”

“I sent a text message to the pilot, explaining the whole situation.”

Barbara kept her hands on Ambrose, but she did look over at the ticketing agent. “What did they say?”

“He said it goes very much against protocol. But! If you two can manage to not start a full out riot by your presence, he’s willing to take that risk.”

Barbara could feel Ambrose inhale a sharp breath under her hands. “Do you really mean it?” she asked the ticketing agent.

“Of course. I am a professional. I don’t lie to my customers.”

“Thank you!” Ambrose said.

“Not a problem. You want to go to Terminal E. And I recommend getting there as fast as you can. That plane is due to leave soon.”

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