Who am I?

Well! For starters, I am Amy Karian,  the creator of   cosistories.wordpress.com   .

I’ve written several stories featuring a vampire named Ambrose and his vampire hunter love interest named Elsie on the Writer’s Digest Creative Writing Prompts forum.

The original stories were written for the following prompts in order: Ghostbuster for Hire (January 28, 2015), Doomed Love (June 25, 2015), Hallucinations Galore! (November 10,2015), Forbidden Basement (December 3, 2015), Books and Characters (February 9, 2016), Wedding Crashers(March 1, 2016), All In A Day’s Work (March 15, 2016), Cat Got Your Tongue (April 26, 2016), and Love Boat (July 5, 2016). In transcribing them to this blog, I’ve changed a few details here and there, expanded details/situations/characters, and overall filled in the blanks between stories.

I’ve wanted to make a blog focusing only on these characters. So, here we are.  🙂