Part 2560 – Out, You Darned Spot!!

Isellta didn’t look at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He just rinsed off the towel, added more soap to it, wrung it out, shut off the water, and carried the towel back into the bedroom.

He knelt at the damp spot on the carpet. His mind was a very determined blank. He didn’t want to think or feel anything about what he was doing. He just wanted the stain to be gone.

It wasn’t that big of a stain and all of the obvious parts of it were already cleaned up. But the shape of the stain was still there.

The smell was still there. Isellta scrubbed harder, but the smell kept breaking through the soap’s honeyed vanilla scent.

His wing feathers bristled out. “Come on.”

The smell entwined with the soap scent, creating an unholy abomination odor.

Isellta slammed his fists on the floor. “COME ON!”

Someone knocked on the door.

“NO! JUST GO AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!” He clenched his teeth and scrubbed as hard as he could.

The door opened and someone entered the room.

He stood quickly. “I SAID—” He blanched at the sight of Preyuna standing there.

She regarded him with a cold brand of curiosity. “Is there a problem?”

Isellta stumbled back, nearly tripping over the towel on the floor.

She walked towards him. “It smells disgusting in here.”

He knelt before his trembling legs could decide to give up on him. “I know. It’s my fault.” He doubled over to hide his face. “I’m sorry.”

Preyuna stopped in front of him. She hesitated a moment before kneeling. “What did you do?” Her fingers raked through his hair.

Isellta shuddered at her touch. She’s going to pull my hair. She’s going to force me to look up at her. “I.” He reluctantly raised his head. “I. I made a mess? I tried to clean it up, but…” The cold expression on her face killed his attempt at an explanation. “I’m. I’m sorry.”

“So, you made a mess. I can only assume that I had nothing to do with it.”

His wings flattened tight against his back. “It isn’t your fault.”

Her hand went still in his hair. “I was NOT saying that it was my fault, Isellta. I meant, you weren’t thinking about me when it happened.”

It really isn’t a question, but she clearly expects an answer. “No? I wasn’t thinking about you.”

“Let me guess. Robin.”

Still not a question. “Yes. Robin. After you made that mention about my ‘scarred vampire’, I just…I. I remembered how soft his scar felt. I remembered him smiling in his sleep. And I. My body. I. It. I. It. My body craved him. I wanted him to touch me. My body imagined how that would feel. I imagined it all too vividly. My body…it.” He lowered his gaze. “It reacted exactly how you’d expect it to react. I tried to stop it from happening.”

Isellta cried out as she grabbed his hair. “I’m sorry! I tried. I didn’t want to. I didn’t—I tried not to. Please! I tried. I tried, but I couldn’t. It couldn’t. I couldn’t. It was…I was…It hurt. I didn’t want to let go, but it hurt too much. I had to. My body had to let it go. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“So, you dumped it on the carpet.”

“I couldn’t help it! IT HURT!”

She released his hair.

He crawled back several spaces to get out of her arms’ reach. If she was going to grab his hair again or punch his shoulder, she’d have to do it in a flying leap. “I wanted to run to the bathroom, but it hurt. It hurt to move. I couldn’t move. I didn’t have a choice. I had to unzip my slacks and…” His face burned at the memory.

Regret. Shame. Revulsion. Disgust.

“I didn’t even have to…It. My body. I…lost control. It all came out of me. I couldn’t…”

I’m disgusting and filthy. Need to clean it all up. Can’t let anyone see it. Can’t let her know that I did this. She’ll be mad at me. She’ll yell at me. She’ll hit me and belittle me and make me feel ugly. Can’t let her see this. Erase all traces of it and no one will know.

Disappointment showed clear and sharp in her eyes. “So. Once again, that vampire wins and I lose. He gets you aroused and I get nothing. Every single time. Nothing.”

He bowed his head. “I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”

“No, you’re not.” Perhaps she meant that as a verbal slap. Perhaps not. Either way, her words came out soft and sad.

And there was nothing more either he or she could say to that.

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