Part 2561 – A Queen Retreating To Her Retreat.

Eschia waited patiently outside Isellta’s room. Given the state Isellta was in when I last saw him, I seriously doubt that anything intimate is going on in there. If I’m wrong, well. That isn’t impossible, I suppose.

She watched the cleaning crew leave Mark Caten’s room and enter Preyuna’s room. It would undoubtedly be Her Majesty’s idea. I can’t imagine Isellta asking her to hrrash ka kae with him. Although, I suppose that isn’t impossible either. Lady Queen Preyuna is genuinely beautiful.

Isellta’s door opened.

Eschia snapped to attention as Preyuna left the room. “How is he?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Her words were a slammed shut door with 59 hostile walruses guarding it. “Follow me.”


Preyuna led her to the room of staircases. She magically shoved the door open. It was an unnecessary move. The door wasn’t even locked. But it gave her a deep glow of satisfaction to exert her power on something, even something as inert as a door.

She walked with a queen’s dignity and grace to the wrought iron staircase. Her staircase. It didn’t belong to anyone else. It was only hers. It led to her safe place, her retreat. Even Mark Caten knew better than to enter her special domain.

After all, she stayed out of his secret place.

Everyone did. 

Of course, the door was locked and only Caten had the key. Yet, Preyuna could easily enter that room, if she were properly motivated. One simple spell, one hard push of magic, and she could waltz right on through the open doorway.

But he had made it clear long ago what would happen to her if she ever made that mistake.

Preyuna would never make that mistake…unless she had one very good reason to risk so much. That reason had yet to come into existence. Yet.

He hadn’t given her that reason. Yet.

Preyuna climbed up the spiral staircase with Eschia following her. Half-way up, she stopped and looked over at the marble staircase. What would that reason look like and feel like?



The desire to throw everything away.

She continued climbing upwards.

What would lead me to that point? What more could he do to me to make me give up? I’ve survived so much with him.

What more could he steal away from me?

She stopped at the door at the top of the staircase. Her blood chilled as the answer came to her. He could undo what he has done for my people. He could send the nae bi shas back to attack…Her blood froze. …to attack my harem. But he wouldn’t! He wouldn’t do something that foolhardy. He KNOWS that would undo our contract. Our contract would become null and void. I would be automatically set free. He knows that.

Eschia gave her a concerned look. “Are you ill, Your Majesty?”

Preyuna shook her head. “I’m fine.” As long as that never happens, I will be fine. She opened the door and entered the room.

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