Part 2499 – Race To The Departure Gate!

Ambrose took Barbara’s hand. “Come, love.” He kissed it. “We don’t want to miss our flight.”

“I’m with you, my fluffy gray kitten.” She kissed him. “I’m with you.” It was a strange thing to say. Yet, the words came to her mind and needed to be said out loud. She needed to say it. He needed to hear it. 

His expression softened as, apparently, the strange statement made sense to him. He didn’t try to explain what it meant to him and she didn’t ask.

I just hope that this isn’t some sort of sign that the plane is going to crash and those will be my last words to him. Or rather the words he’ll remember the most. Barbara kissed him again. Just a quick flirt of a kiss. “I’ll race you to the departure gate.”

“Oh? And what if I get there first?”

Barbara blushed as she thought about the black box inside her luggage. “You’ll get a pleasant surprise.”

He grinned. “Well, that sounds very promising. Hmm. I could keep holding your hand to increase the likelihood of my winning.”

Barbara giggled. “Nope! That’s just cheating.” She slipped her hand out of his hold. “See you there!” She ran, dodging through the crowd and leading him on a merry chase. But it was a chase she was willing to lose.

She just didn’t want to be obvious about it.

He dashed ahead of her into their departure gate’s sitting area and tagged one of the metal chairs. He tagged it too hard. It slid several inches forward, dragging him forward.

She ran up behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Aw, nuts. It looks like you beat me. Oh, whatever will I do?”

Ambrose leaned back against her and smiled. “Hmm. That’s a good question.”

Barbara kissed the side of his face. “You’ll find out as soon as we get to our hotel in Florida.”

“Hmmm.” It was a lovely warm sound that gave her goosebumps.

The gate attendant yawned and checked his watch. The door behind him opened and one of the airline attendants came out. She whispered something to him. “Oh.” He flicked on his microphone and tapped it a couple of times. “Attention: We are now boarding all first class passengers. All first class passengers, please step forward.”

A scattered group of people flocked over to the gate attendant. 

He clicked his tongue at them and told them to get into a proper semblance of a line.

Barbara shivered in anticipation. This is real, even though it feels surreal. In a matter of minutes, I’ll be flying out of the state with my new husband. My husband. This man. She looked at his profile. My Ambrose. And we’ll be sharing a hotel room together. Just him and me in the same bed. And I will finally wear that red and black lingerie for him. Her knees trembled at the mental image. Her heart raced. Her skin grew quite heated.

She pressed her face against Ambrose’s back. Oh, if only we were at the hotel now.

4 thoughts on “Part 2499 – Race To The Departure Gate!”

    1. Thank you!

      It makes me happy to finally get them going on their honeymoon. There was a whole subplot that popped up between their wedding and getting them to the airport. I was starting to worry about if they were ever going to leave. 😀

      As for that mysterious black box…. 😉 I’ll just say it’s a delicate surprise that Ambrose will definitely like.

      Liked by 1 person

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