Part 2241 – Putting Plan B Into Motion

Elsie fidgeted as he took his time with those last few buttons.

Maybe I should save it for later.

He’s undressing me right now, anyway. Why go through the trouble of teasing him like this, running upstairs, just to put on something else and start all over again?

Hildreth hummed a happy tune.

Because he is such an idiot. I want to see his reaction. I want to see his jaw drop. I want to see him get all bothered and hot about it and I don’t want to save it for another day.

“There you go.” He paused. “Els.” He moved closer to her.

She closed her eyes.

“Elsie. Elsie Mayhew.”

She swallowed hard. “Security detail and then—-”

He put his hand on her lower back. “Oh baby. And then.”

His hand lifted off of her back.

She listened to him walk away.

Elsie ran to the end of the foyer, ran to the stairs, and sped to her bedroom. She entered the room, quickly removed her wedding dress, laid it on the bed, and retrieved the black box out of her closet. She opened it.

She pulled out the cherry red midriff top with its long Lycra sleeves.

This is it.

She pulled out the flirty red and white pleated miniskirt and laughed.

This is IT!

“Hildreth Mayhew, you have no idea. Your mind is going to be blown and you’ll probably drool. If you don’t, I will have to punch you.”


Hildreth walked through every room on the first floor. He checked for intruders, closed and blocked up every window he saw, and shut every door.

He stopped in front of the stairs leading up to the second floor. He stood still and listened. But, other than the normal house noises, there was nothing to hear. “Elsie.”  He watched the stairs, waited for her to come down.

No such luck.

He sighed. “Guess I’ll check on the basement.”


Elsie tugged the tight, short shirt as far down as it could go.

It didn’t go very far.

She ran her hands down her front. “I swear it barely covers them. If my breasts were one size larger, they wouldn’t be covered at all.” She tugged the shirt’s miniscule hem again.

It didn’t even budge.

“Well. At least I’m not going out in public with it.” She smiled and untied the skirt’s laces as Clarice had suggested. The ties dangled past the skirt’s hem and bumped against her bare legs.

Elsie pulled the Bossman 9.06 switchblade and its accompanying thigh scabbard out of her top drawer. She buckled it around her right thigh just below the skirt’s hem. “Watch out, Hildreth Mayhew. Here I come.”


I want to run back to her.

Hildreth ran down the basement stairs.

I want to run back to her.



Is she walking around the top floor with the back of her gown flapping open?

That’s weird.

“Well. Never mind that! Stay focused, Hildreth. Don’t get lost in your thoughts. Do security detail and then vroom back to your super hot bride’s side. Or back. Or front. Whatever.”


Elsie searched the whole top floor and the attic.

No lurkers.

Nothing out of place.

She made sure that all of the windows were closed and wedged shut.

All of the doors were closed tight.

“No one is going to interrupt us.”

Short of an act of God, we will NOT be interrupted again.

NOT today.


Hildreth searched the whole basement. No one was down there. Nothing looked suspiciously out of place.

“Well! I’m satisfied.” He promptly ran back upstairs.


Elsie double-checked the second floor until she was sufficiently satisfied. She returned to her room and pulled a pair of red and white tinseled pom-poms out of the black box. She shook them a couple of times.

Hm. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these.

She shook them again.

But I’ll figure something out.

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