Part 2242 – Putting Plan C Into Motion.

Hildreth returned to the foyer and did a mental run down of all of the windows and doors on the first floor and the basement.

Am I forgetting any?

He squinted. “I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure I checked them all.” He went over to the front door and made sure it was locked. “No one’s gonna crash this party.

“Hildreth.” Elsie said.

He tilted his head.

Her voice sounds odd. A little too…high? Tight? Nervous?

He turned around and gaped.

Elsie stood at the other end of the foyer, all dressed up in a red and white cheerleader uniform. The middle of the cropped top and the remarkably short skirt were laced shut, but the laces on the skirt were untied. They hung straight down, touching and bumping against the sides of her thighs. Her legs were bare, so wonderfully bare.

Hildreth stared, completely unable to speak.

Her long frizzy hair was bound up into matching ponytails on the sides of her head.

Her arms were tucked behind her back.

I want.


I want.

Elsie brought her arms forward to reveal the pom-poms clutched in her hands.

He burst into a surprised laugh as Elsie waved the pom-poms like she was doing the Macarena with them and did a cheerleader chant, “H. I. LDR. E. T. HMA. Y. H. EEEEEEE. W! HILDRETH MAYHEW!”

He doubled over with laughter.

“You’d better get yourself ready, Mayhew.” she said. “Because—-” The pom-poms schwushed a complaint as she dropped them. “I am going to get you.”

Still laughing, he stood up straight. “Oh, baby. Bring it on!”

Elsie charged at him.

He switched into a defensive posture. His mind raced as she closed in.




She raised her fist.

Hildreth ducked as she drove her fist forward. He darted behind her and stroked the exposed middle of her back. “Missed me.”

She spun around.

He grinned. “Come on, Els.” He put his hands on her bared waist. “Don’t be shy.”

“Shy? Me?” Elsie put her leg between his legs and gently pressed her knee upward.

He gasped as pleasure zapped and zinged through him.

She smiled wickedly. “I am never shy.” She hooked her foot around his leg and pulled him off his feet.

He landed hard on his backside.

She put her hands on her hips. “Is that the best you can do?”

He laughed. “Sounds like a challenge.” He successfully copied her maneuver with both of his feet.

“Oh!” she huffed as she landed.

He quickly crawled over to her. “Challenge accepted.”

She tackled him onto his back.

He laughed and rolled up to his feet. “Come on!”

She stood and darted at him.

He ducked and dodged and blocked her blows. Every chance he got, he touched her bare skin.

Her waist.

Her lower back.

Her hips.

The sides of her legs.

She grabbed him and shoved him up against the wall.

Hildreth panted.

She pinned his wrists. “So? Are you turned on yet?”

“Well, if you really want to know, hahahaha! you could touch me and…and find out.”

She laughed. “I thought you’d say something like that.”

“Els. Elsie. I. I want. I want. I want you. I want you. Oh. Ohhh, please. I want—-”

She released his right wrist.

He watched in hope as she lowered her hand. “Uhh. uhhh. uhhh.”




Hildreth groaned involuntarily as her hand went nowhere near his body. It went down to her own leg, to just a little below her skirt’s hemline.

I have no idea what she’s….

He startled as she pulled out a Bossman 9.06 switchblade and flicked it open. He stared at her open-mouthed, unable to form thoughts much less any worthwhile words.

She pressed it against the top of his bowtie. “Hold still. I haven’t used this on anyone other than my punching dummy.”

He burst out laughing. “Oh! Oh my! Oh! Hahahahahaahahahaha! So, that’s. that’s the…Hahahhahaha! dress shirts. Oh!”

“Seriously. Hold still.”

It took a lot of trying and failing, but he managed to subdue his laughter into sporadic snickering.

Then, she started to drag the switchblade downwards.

His breath caught in his throat.

The blade sliced through the material so easily, as if the bowtie were made out of butter.

The blade moved downwards.

Through the bowtie’s perfect knot.

She stopped to remove his tuxedo jacket.

“Keep going.” he whispered.

She dropped the jacket on the floor.

“Elsie, keep going.”

She smiled. “As you wish.” She put the blade at his now open collar.

“uhhh…uhhh…” His body tensed up in bright and marvelous ways as the blade resumed its downward journey.

Past all of the buttons.

And down.

and down.

His legs trembled.

His muscles trembled.

His breathing trembled.

The whole entire world seemed to tremble with him as Elsie dragged the blade down.

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