Part 2137 – It’s Time For You Two To Go To Sleep.

“mm. mmm. mmm.” Raven reluctantly broke away from her. “I love you.” His hands cascaded from her face down her neck to her shoulders. “I love you, Missy.”

“I love you too. I wish I weren’t so weak and attached to these IV things. I’d leap into your arms and knock you off the bed and wind up on top of you and you’d be very uncomfortable and—”



He smiled. “I would not be uncomfortable at all. I would be…” He blinked a sticky eyelidded blink. “I would welcome it. My Missy.” He stroked the side of her face. “I have missed you, my exuberant, amazing Missy.”

She glanced at the window. “Is it morning already?”

He slowly shook his head. “But it is coming. I can feel its approach.” His head drifted down into a bow. “I can smell it.”

She tucked the longer strands of hair behind his ear. “What does it smell like?”

“It is different every morning. Some days it smells like peaches. Other mornings smell like oranges and cream. Others smell like…smell…” He stretched his arms into strong straight lines on the mattress to brace himself, to stop his steady descent.

His arms weakened and buckled. They just plain gave out. He landed on her bed. “mm. mmm. mmm…”

Missy smiled. “My Raven.” She petted his black hair. “My pretty shirtless Raven.”

And he slept.



It is such a strange thing. It never makes sense…not to me. I doubt that it makes sense to anyone.

LM leaned his head back and closed his eyes.

Is that really something I would want for myself? Do I really want to be the object of someone’s bizarre affection?

He tried to imagine being in such a scenario.

No. It would needlessly complicate my life having to deal with all of that nonsense. And yet.

Yet, it would be nice. It would be nice to know that someone, anyone could look at me and see past my faults. That someone could see the good I don’t see in me.

That someone, anyone could love me.

But no one will ever feel that way for me. It isn’t likely. It just isn’t possible. I’m not the kind of person who lights that kind of feeling in others. I am not seen. I hide my true self. I don’t want anyone to see me. I don’t want anyone to look at me for too long.

I will never fall in love.

LM opened his eyes and exhaled his relief.

Capernaum’s still here.

My dear friend.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep.


Capernaum stood still and watched LM sleep.

My friend.

He rested his hand on the half-fey’s head.

My dear friend.

“Sleep well. I am here.”

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