Part 2136 – Joy, Joy, Joy. My Heart Is Filled With Joy…But His Heart Isn’t.

“Before I answer your question, I’m curious. Why do you want to know? Why should you care if you’re related to each other?”

“It is a very simple matter, sir.” Raven said. “If I am related to her, I cannot marry her.”

“Oh. Is that what this is all about?” LM shook his head. “What a perfectly dull and human explanation. I assumed, with you being a vampire and her being an XQ, that you’d have a more original and interesting reason for wanting to know. But no. It’s just weird human love and emotion stuff. How dull and pedestrian.”

“So, are we related?” Missy asked, completely undented by LM’s comment.

“None of your strands harmonized or unisoned. It was all a ugly mess of noise and nonsense.”

“So. What does that mean, sir?” Raven asked. “Does it mean I can marry her?”

“Well, you two certainly aren’t related.”

Raven marched up to him and grabbed the front of his shirt.

LM raised his arms to protect his face.

“Do you mean it? Are you genuinely serious? Is this true?”

“Oh, honestly! How many ways are you going to ask the same question? Yes, I mean it. You two aren’t related. Not even a fraction of a bit related.”


LM squinched his eyes shut and waited for the inevitable pounding.

“Oh. Oh!” Raven released him. “Oh, Missy! Mi…Missy!”

LM hesitantly uncovered his face and opened his eyes.

Missy held her arms out. “Raven. My pretty shirtless Raven!”

Raven climbed on the bed. He embraced her and she kissed him. “Missy. My Missy. My amazing Missy.”

“Raven, we can get married. I can marry you and you can marry me and we can have 350,000 kids and name them after you and me and Ambrose and Barbara and everyone we know.”

He laughed ecstatically. “Yes. Yes.”

She kissed him in mid-Yes. He cupped her face and kissed her again and again.

“No one will ever feel that way for me.” The realization was sharp and brutal. LM returned to his seat and sat.

How could anyone feel that way for me? Me with my malformed wings. Me with my inability to pull my wings away. Who could look at me and see good, solid lines?

I’m not solid lines. I try so hard, but the truth remains true. I’m not full-fey. I will never be a full fey. No matter what I may say or think or do, I can only be what I am —- a half-fey and nothing more. Who could love me?

Capernaum materialized next to him. “Do you want to talk?”

LM shook his head. “Just stay with me. Don’t leave me.”

Capernaum’s expression turned sad. “I’m here.”

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