Part 2071 – Jay Gets Another Missed Call Merit Badge.

Jay left the building and glanced around. The lights from the mansion lit up enough of the cliff. He could see there was no one in sight.

He walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down.

No one.

“So, what should I do?”

Maybe he isn’t here yet.

He frowned. “But Isellta is so sure that he’s here. He has to be here.”

So, where is he?

Jay thought about it.


He raised his head.

Preyuna left the room. She was gone for I don’t know how long. She came back. She said that she didn’t see him.

“No. She never said that outright. What did she say? What were her precise words?” He frowned. “No. She didn’t say it. The closest she came to is was ‘Maybe he isn’t here’, which means…” His frown deepened. “Either she doesn’t know that he isn’t here or she does and she doesn’t want to say so.”

His frown lifted. “Easy way to find out for sure.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket and brought up Robin’s number. He hit Call and listened to it ring. “Come on, Robin. Come on.”

The phone rang and rang and rang and rang and rang. It went to his voice mail.

“Hi, Robin. This is Jay. You know, Isellta’s Jay. Not that I’m his. I mean, not the same way that—-Forget it. I’m babbling. Robin, when you get this message, call me. I need to know where you are, for Isellta’s sake. Call me. Please call me. You have my number. Call me. Please call me. I need to know if you’re still coming here. If you’re on your way. If you are here.” He thought about Isellta’s hope. “I need to know if you’re okay. If you’re still alive. Call me. Please call me. Please, Robin. Even if you’re in some impossible, annoying miff at me or Isellta for some reason, call me. I’m begging you. Call me. Please call me. Uhh. This is a very long message. I’m going to hang up now before I get cut off. Call me. Please. For Isellta’s sake. If you still love him, call me. Please call me. Okay. Now, I really am going to hang up. Bye. Call me. Please call me, Robin.”


Robin listened to the phone in his suit pocket ring and ring and ring and ring. He flexed his fingers. He extended his claws. He tried to bend his wrists, but the cuffs kept his hands flat against the wall.

The phone rang and rang and rang and stopped.

Who was it?

Was it Jay?



Isellta? Was it my ‘sellta callin’ for me?

He closed his eyes and he saw Isellta standing so close.

He felt his body heat.

I coulda touched him. If I wasn’t pinned to this darned, blasted, blamed wall, I coulda touched him.

He saw Isellta’s blue eyes. So gentle. Innocent. Curious.

He saw Isellta’s wings. Large. Black. Powerful.


He’s so beautiful. Can he poss’bly see me as beautiful too?

The muzzle held his mouth shut, making it impossible for him to really smile. Yet, there was warmth and a sense of lightness inside his chest.

He’ll come to me.

Robin opened his eyes and fixed his gaze on the closed cell door.

He’ll sense my presence. He’ll hear me hollerin’ his name.

He’ll come runnin’ to me.

Robin imagined it. His heart fluttered as if it were Isellta’s wings.

He’ll set me free just like he did before. Then, I’ll know. I’ll see him. Touch him. And he’ll touch me.

And I’ll know if someone as perfect as Isellta can really see anythin’ good about someone like me.

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