Part 2070 – Two Visitors In One Prison Cell.



My beautiful Robin.

Please come to me.

I’m here. 

My ‘sellta.

Robin tried to say Isellta’s name, but his mouth refused to open. He quickly opened his eyes.

His good pupil widened.


Bars before his eyes.

A wall behind his back.


He tried to turn his head and failed.


He tried to move his arms.

He failed.

His hands.

He failed.

His feet.

He failed.

Not again.

Not again.

Please not again!


The prison cell opened. There was no detectible scent.

A woman entered the cell.

A woman with red and silver hair.


“Hello, Robin.”

He projected his thoughts at just her, Where is he? Where’s my ‘sellta? Why ain’t he here? Where is he? Olessa. Is she here?

“I will gladly answer your questions if you agree to—-”

Let me see him! Please. Please. It’s been so long. Let me see my ‘sellta. I need to see him. I’m. I’m desperate. please.

“As I was saying, I’ll gladly answer your questions if you agree to kill Mark Caten for me.”

You ain’t e’en have to unmask me. Just bring him in here. That’s all I want. To see him. Just to see him.

“Okay.” She transformed into Isellta. “Robin.”

Robin trembled with desire. Come here. Please come here. Come to me. Come. My ‘sellta, come.

Isellta walked over to him. His large black wings flapped in a calm, lazy gesture.

As a provocative gesture, it ranked pretty low. But it managed to increase Robin’s desire. He groaned with the need for Isellta’s touch.

My fey. My perfect, beautiful fey. I love you. I love you.

Isellta stopped in front of him. He stretched his arms forward and spread his hands on the wall on either side of Robin’s head.

Robin’s skin turned hot all over.

He’s so close.

So close.

Robin looked into his blue eyes.

I wanna tackle him. I wanna feel his arms around me. I wanna feel his body under me. I wanna feel his ev’ry breath, ev’ry move.

“You need to listen to me, Robin. Help Preyuna. Kill Mark Caten and I’ll be free.”

The strong scent of garlic drifted into the cell. “Hahahahahahaha!”

Isellta winced.

“Well, I am impressed.” Mark Caten sauntered into the room. “Either my dumpling-sized cupcake has recruited my daughter’s fey or—Hahahahahahaha!—she’s taken on a conniving disguise.” He stopped next to Isellta. “Which is it, my dear little whore?” He squeezed Isellta’s bottom. “Hmm?”

Anger flashed in Isellta’s eyes before he transformed back into Preyuna.

The shock hit Robin full force. He couldn’t breathe.

“What do you want, Mark?”

“Oh, just checking up on our prisoner. Checking on you. Making sure you aren’t trying to set him free. You know that would be cheating the system, right? Oh, and by the way—” He kissed her. “—thanks for healing me.” He kissed her again in a way that made Robin want to kick him.

Ya freakin’ slime boat!

Mark Caten startled. “What?” He frowned at Robin. “Are you talking to me?”

Yeah, stupid. I’m freakin’ talkin’ to you.

“You should be more respectful. After all, I am a god.”

yeah, right.

“But enough stating the obvious! I’ve given you plenty of time to think things over. So? Are you going to obey my divine command and bring—-”

NO! I ain’t gonna help you. I ain’t gonna help either of you. You’re both creeps and losers and ain’t worth one bit of my help. So freakin’ there.

“Oh? Is that so?” Mark Caten smirked. “Well. I hope you enjoy solitary confinement because that’s exactly what you’re going to get for insulting a deity like me.”


“You heard me. Solitary confinement. No one comes in here. No one goes out. Let’s see how long you last.”

“Mark, I don’t think that—-”

“Sorry, my little Nantucket seaweed cake. I’m not interested in what you think. Come.” He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the cell door.

No! Preyuna, don’t leave me like this!

Preyuna jerked her arm out of his grip and looked back at Robin. Her hands glowed with magic.


Help me.

She made a quick gesture and left the cell with Mark Caten. She made one more gesture and the cell door slammed shut.

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