Part 1751 – Darkness And Robin And Isellta

Robin looked up at the night sky.


It’s just you.

You hear me, you dumb stupid fey?

I love just you.

‘sellta. You don’t have to respond, but just know. Know that I’m comin’. Sunday. I’m comin’ to you on Sunday. Know that. Don’t forget. I promise I’ll come.


Isellta opened his eyes.

Breathing was still difficult.

Thinking was even worse.

His headache still pounded inside his skull. It felt like something was trying to crack his skull open with needle-nosed pliers.






With every tap, the darkness above him rippled in gray waves.

He dully watched the ripples. He knew without consciously thinking that they would feel like water and taste like tangerines.

Something pulled and tugged inside his chest. An inexorable force, but something more than a force. An insistence. A powerful, irresistible insistence.


He knew that voice.

It was Robin’s voice.

The tugging increased.

He moaned softly and tried to raise his arms.

“Isellta. Don’t. Please. Please don’t. I’m here. I’m right here with you. Here. HERE.” Robin grabbed Isellta’s wrists. “Don’t listen to that voice. Don’t reach for it. It’s foul and evil. Stay here with me. I’ll keep you safe. Look at me. Isellta! LOOK AT ME!”

Isellta slowly turned his head and exhaled.

There was no light.

No gray.

Just darkness.

Robin kissed him, hard and forceful, stealing away his thin thread of breath.

Darkness and Robin.

Just Robin.

Isellta closed his eyes.




Robin closed his eyes.

I need you, ‘sellta.

I need you to touch me. I need to feel your finger runnin’ down my scar again and again.


He grunted as something tugged inside his chest.

“Hey.” Ambrose said. “Are you all right?”

Robin opened his eyes and rubbed the middle of his chest. “Yeah.”

It’s all a matter of hours and I’ll see him again.


Just hours.

And most of those hours I’ll be asleep.

I hope the day flies by.


The nae bi sha breathed a sigh of relief as Isellta relaxed.

That was close.

He released Isellta’s wrists.

Come on, little fey. Give up. Stop fighting.

Give in.

I’m hungry and I’m getting tired of waiting.

If you don’t give up soon, I’ll have to take my chances.

A sticky line of drool escaped the creature’s mouth, landing on Isellta’s face.

The nae bi sha licked it off.

Such a delicious taste.

And I’m so hungry.

It would be so easy to give in to my hunger and devour you now.

But you’ll fight back. Even in your weakened state, you’ll fight back. I don’t want that to happen.

I want you to be thoroughly helpless.

So, even though I’m starved, I will wait.

As I always do.

And, just like all of the others I’ve devoured over the years, you will become thoroughly helpless and defenseless and weak. Then, I will make my move.

My delicious little fey.

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