Part 596 – Saying Good-bye And Something Else

The cot made dangerous sounds as Missy climbed on it.

It creaked like it wanted to break in half.

“Well. This isn’t the right way to say good-bye.”  She got off to a resounding chorus of groans and creaks.

She grabbed his arms and dragged him onto the floor and all the way to the bed.

Missy picked him up and tossed him onto the bed with minimal difficulty.

She climbed up next to him and sighed. “Well. I guess this is good-bye. I wasn’t planning on…I guess I wasn’t really planning to stay with you. But I wasn’t really planning to leave so soon either. I’m gonna miss you so much. You’re so kind and lovely and kissable.”

She unbuttoned his pajama top and kissed the middle of his chest.

He took a deep breath and released it in a warm sigh.

“I really am gonna miss you.” She leaned forward and kissed his lips.

His arms flailed out in surprise.

She kissed him again.

He opened his eyes as she pulled away. “Missy, what…?” He noticed the state of his shirt. His hands traveled down his exposed skin in nervous pats only to wind up at the white marks on his neck.

Raven covered the white marks with both hands.

She gently pulled his hands away. “Don’t worry about me seeing it. I think you’re pretty even with the bite marks on your neck. And you are.”

Her heart ached. “You’re so pretty. I love you.”

They stared at each other with equally stunned expressions.

Someone knocked on the door.

“Missy? I…I…”

She opened her mouth to say more.

Another knock on the door.

She got off the bed.

“Missy? Where are you going?”

She faked a smile. “To see who’s knocking on the door.”

He laid his head back down. “Please…”  And he drifted back to sleep.

And she left.

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