Part 595 – I Have No Choice

I can’t go back, but I can’t let Raven be killed but I can’t go back but I don’t want him to be killed but I can’t go back but I don’t want I don’t want I don’t want I don’t want.

She tried to pull her hands out of the gloves.

It was like trying to pull her bones out of her own skin. Deeply painful and impossible.

She screamed out of hurt and frustration and fear.

What else can I do? I don’t want Raven to be killed.

Her shoulders slumped as only one solution came to her mind over and over.

There’s nothing more that I can do.

I have no choice.


MLO approached the bed.

The vampire seems to be asleep, but he could be spamming me. It isn’t all that smart to underestimate a vampire’s trickiness.

Especially if he’s hungry.

He rolled Raven onto his back.

Raven’s hands fell away from his chest.

I hate that I’ve gotta do this.

But it can’t be helped.

She pushed me to this point.

He laid the one stake on the floor and raised the other stake.

To right above Raven’s heart.

I don’t have a choice in the matter.


Missy closed her eyes and she saw Raven.

Lovely, shirtless Raven.

I can’t.

She opened her eyes .

I can’t let him die.


I hope I don’t miss.


I’m going to miss him so much.




I never even got a chance to kiss his lips.




I hope he’ll miss me.




“MLO! I surrender. I surrender! Take me back to The Institute.”

For an intolerable number of too many minutes, there was no sound.

No response.

No idea what was going on in there.


The door opened.

MLO left the room. “You serious?”

“Yes. I’ll go back with you without any troubles.  Can I see him one last time?”

He didn’t need to say his answer out loud. His expression was loud enough.

“Please! I just want to kiss him good-bye because he’s just so pretty I can’t just leave him without a kiss if you were a girl you’d totally understand and I wouldn’t have to talk on and on about it because you would totally get it and you probably would—”

“All right! Fine! Quit the jabber. I get it. Go kiss him and then we’re leaving.”





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