Part 52 -That’s No Gun. It’s A Tranquillizer.

Crossbow bolts and stakes rained down on him, bouncing off his head and back and just missing his heart.

Ambrose landed in a crouch.

Eschia appeared in front of him with a Bossman 550 Tranquillizer in her arms. The barrage from above stopped. “Prepare to die, vampire.”

He scoffed. “That’s a tranquilizer. That isn’t going to kill me.”

“Uhh? In that case, prepare to be tranquilized, vampire.”

“Oh, for goodness’ sake. Have you ever even used that kind of weapon before?”

“No. I am fey. We prefer not to use such crude methods.”

“That’s certainly obvious. So, why are you bothering now?”

“Lady Queen Preyuna told me that you broke Mark Caten.”

“That must have been a fast conversation.”

“She sent a psychic message.”

“Isn’t that convenient?” An idea sparked in his head. “Preyuna told me that she’s trapped here. Is that true?”

“Oh, yes.”

“And what about you? Are you trapped as well?”

“I am Lady Queen Preyuna’s assistant. Where she goes, I go. Where she stays, I stay.”

“So, you’re saying that you are trapped.”

“Yes. I cannot go beyond Mark Caten’s borders. This spot here is as far as I can go.”

Ambrose refrained from grinning.

“But enough talk of that. Lady Queen Preyuna ordered me to take you down with one of the human’s weapons. Someone like you does not deserve the honor of being killed like a fey. And so I shall kill you Or..tranq you.”She aimed the box-shaped crossbow at him.

“That weapon doesn’t look right in your arms. Are you sure you’re holding it correctly?”

She shifted it in her arms. “Yes.”

“I don’t think so. Give it to me and I’ll show you the correct way.”

“You are a vampire.” She shifted it again and almost dropped it. “How would you know the correct way to hold a vampire hunting weapon?”

“I’ve seen them in action.” He rose to his feet. “Come. Come. Hand it over.”

She hesitated.

“You do want to shoot me, right? Let me show you how it’s done. After all, it would be humiliating to shoot yourself by mistake.”

“It wouldn’t affect me.”

“Are you so sure?”

She hesitated a moment longer, before handing it over to him.

“Thanks.” He proceeded to tear it completely apart.

She blinked. “You broke it.”

He dropped the shattered, busted bits and smiled, revealing his fangs. “So I did. Good luck trying to shoot me now.” He ran towards the town.

Eschia blinked again. “I can’t believe he broke it.”


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