Liebster Award!


Thank you, Paul Writes  , for nominating me for this award.  I appreciate it so much!

The rules for nomination are:
Display the icon of the award.

Answer all 11 given questions.

Nominate 5 notable blogs which have at most 200 followers.

Create 11 fresh questions for the bloggers to answer.

My Eleven Answers:

1. Who was the first person to inspire or encourage your blog?  There really wasn’t one particular person who inspired me to make this blog. It was just one of those things I really wanted to do with this collection of stories – clean them up into a coherent storyline, fill in the necessary parts,  and stick them all into one place.
2. What do you hope to achieve with your blog? Hmm. What do I hope to achieve..I want to be able to tell a whole story – meaning that one day there will be a post entitled The End. It will be both awesome and weird to write that last part. I’m hoping to give poor Ambrose a happy ending of some sort. Maybe. We’ll see.
3. Do you prefer silence or background noise when you write? There are some days where I just need silence. Other days (especially if I’m writing an action scene), I need my music.  Sometimes it’s epic stuff like Jurassic World, the Lost TV soundtracks, or Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.  I have an off-line story where I just listen to the Wild Arms 3 video game soundtrack to keep me in the right mental place.
4. What song would be the theme song for your blog? Ooo! That’s a good question. I’ll have to think about it. I do know that Elsie’s theme song would be “Firework” by Katy Perry and Ambrose’s theme song would be “Dancing In The Dark” by Bruce Springsteen.
5. If your blog were made into a movie, who would play you (or one of your characters)? Can I have younger Renee Zellweger play me? 😆
6. In terms of blog growth, what do you prefer, more likes or more followers? I like them both (is that cheating?) and I always love comments. Either way, it makes me very happy to see the orange dot by my notification bell.
7. Favorite time of day (or night) to write? I don’t have a favorite time to write. I will write any time I get a chance. Although, for some reason, I do my best writing when it’s 1:00 at night and I need to get up early the next day and suddenly! It’s almost 2:00. Eep!
8. Favorite place or setting to write? I like to write all stretched out on my bed, but I will write almost anywhere.
9. At this very moment in time who or what inspires you most? The different people who like and follow my blogs. They make me want to keep posting what I write.
10. If you could live in any book as any character, which book and character would you choose? I could say that I’m not sure, but that seems like a wimpy answer. Hmm. Which book and which character…I’ll have to think about it. (Not at all a wimpy answer.)
11. Are there any other places besides WordPress where others can read your work? I do have one more WordPress blog . I also post stories on the Writer’s Digest Creative Prompts forum  under the username cosi van tutte. Many of my Ambrose and Elsie stories came from those prompts. I’ve had to rewrite them a little to make them feel less episodic and had to create new stories to fill in the missing parts between prompts. I still post over there, because it’s a lot of fun and I like the camaraderie.


My five nominees are:

I know she’s been nominated a couple of times already, but oh well!

This one has 748 followers, so I might be cheating a little:

All right! Now, for the part my nominees are really waiting for…

My Eleven Questions:

1.What would be the theme song for your blog?
2. If you had to ship one of your characters to the darkest side of Nebraska with a can of beans, one box of assorted soda pop, half a packet of unsalted gluten-free Saltines, and a tube of pink glittery lipgloss,  who would you choose?
3. What songs would most likely get stuck inside your characters’ heads?
4. Cats or dogs?
5. Who and/or what inspires you to keep blogging?
6. Would you want one of your stories to be turned into a Hollywood movie, a Japanese anime, or a Pixar movie?
7. Have you ever yelled at a book character while reading?
8. What is your favorite post (either your own or someone else’s)?
9. Have you ever wanted to slap one of your own characters?
10. If you could rename your blog, what name would you choose and why?
11. What do you like most about blogging?

And those are my eleven questions! I look forward to your answers.

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