Part 38 – Going Home

Ambrose was half-way to town when irritation set in.

Look at me. I’m running away from someone again. Just like I’ve been doing for the past…I don’t even know how long. Why does it have to be this way? Why can’t they just let me hunt in peace and I’ll just let them live in peace until I need them? Why can’t life be that simple? Why?

He had managed to out run the dogs. The mob’s voice had faded into nothing.

But he kept running.

Ambrose looked up at the sky. It was still dark.

But it won’t be dark for long.

I need to get home.

I need to be safe.

I need…

He thought about Elsie.

I want.

He thought about her scent filling his senses.

I want.

He thought about her blood filling his mouth.


He entered the train station at the far dirt-end of town and paid for a ticket.

“Train should be here in fifteen minutes.” said the little gray-haired man on the other side of the counter. “As long as there isn’t any hold up from cows crossing the tracks or any such.”

Ambrose took his ticket and went outside. He sat on the wooden slat bench just outside the station.

But I can’t go back.

Not yet.

Not now.

Fifteen minutes passed and the train arrived with a whoosh and a lonely two-tone whistle.

The train doors opened, but no one got off.

And no one got on.

Just Ambrose.

He smiled as he took his seat.

I’ll come back.

I’ll see her again.


My Elsie.

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