Part 2492 – Thoughts At A Red Light/Green Light.

Raven had either very good or absolutely horrible timing. Or the stop lights were all conspiring to keep him from getting to the hospital in a timely manner. Or maybe they were just trying to keep him from Missy.

It really was anyone’s guess.

Raven sighed as he stopped at yet another red light. He leaned his head back against the headrest and waited. “Someone good and decent…”

He stared straight ahead at the stop light and remembered the way he manhandled he had changed him. The light turned green, but he did not drive forward. I had my reasons for the way I treated him. Yet…

He thought about how he watched Greg drink from the young woman’s arm. Yet, she was not wrong in her assessment of my character. No matter the reasons for what I have done, I do not know if I can truly call myself a good and decent man.

The green light flaked out and turned red again.

If Jeff knew of what I have done tonight... He lowered his gaze to the steering wheel. If he knew, would he feel vindicated in his distrust of vampires? Would he force me to break my engagement with Missy? Or would he understand? Could he possibly understand? Would he be wrong in rejecting me as his daughter’s intended?

Every question he asked himself had an answer. And he was pretty certain what the answers were.

And what of Missy? Would she understand? Or would both she and Jeff fear what I might do to her? Would they be wrong to fear me?

Raven? Missy’s voice sounded in his head again. Hearing her voice was like walking from a cold, dark shadow into warm sunlight.

He couldn’t help but smile. Missy.

Are you almost here?

Not yet. I will be there shortly.

Okay. Just checking. I love you, Raven.

His smile grew. I love you too.

The light turned green again. This time, Raven drove through.

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