Part 2426 – Hey! You! Gonna Answer The Door?

Isellta sauntered over to Preyuna. He grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down on the bed.

She struggled to get away from him.

He smiled a cold, malevolent smile. “Don’t waste your energy, my queen. You know that this has to happen. It’s right. It’s fair.” He straddled her body. “It makes sense for me to rape you while you’re unconscious and defenseless.” A cold fury burned in his blue eyes. “After all, that’s the way you raped me.” 

Isellta whispered into his hands and pushed his magic at her.

A deep sense of exhaustion came over her. She tried to fight it.

She lost.


Preyuna woke with a frightened gasp. She trembled as she patted her hands down her body.

Still dressed. Nothing hurts. Nothing. Nothing…Just a dream. Just…But what if he did? He was right. It would make sense for him to retaliate that way. It would be a perfect parallel line. But would he? Why wouldn’t he? Because he isn’t Mark Caten. But why wouldn’t he do it to me?

She uncovered herself and got out of bed. Nothing hurt. Nothing ached in that way it usually did when Mark Caten had his way with her.

But he isn’t Mark. He isn’t. He wouldn’t hurt me like that. But…maybe he could.

She put on her robe, flipped her hair over her shoulders, and strode to her bedroom door.

Nothing hurts. I don’t feel unclean. But I need to talk to him. I need to see him. I need to know.

She opened the door and left her room.

That’s when the doorbell rang.

She tilted her head. “Who could be at the door at this time of night?”

It can’t be Mark. Why would he ring the doorbell to his own home? He has his own key!

She frowned. “He’d do it, anyway. Just to be disruptive and obnoxious.”

I should leave him out there.

Preyuna sighed. “And have him assault me for leaving him out in the cold? No thanks.” She readjusted her robe’s collar and tightened the sash around her waist.

She walked down the hall and around the corner to the front door. 


Ambrose rang the doorbell again. It was overkill and he knew it. But he also knew Mark Caten. There was a better than average chance that Mark Caten was ignoring the doorbell. So, he rang it one more time before taking a nervous step back. 

Barbara put her hand on his back.

He took a breath and exhaled.

The seconds passed in silence. 

In the ideal dramatic scenario, there would have been a thunderstorm with vivid purple lightning flashing in jagged lines. Or there would have been a strong wind to whip Ambrose’s and Barbara’s hair and clothes about. There should have at least been a good downpour.

But the sky was silent and the air was still.

Ambrose closed his eyes. 

Robin? Are you there?

The front door opened.

Ambrose opened his eyes.

And Preyuna stood before him.

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