Part 2295 – Keep Talking. Or Sing. You Can Sing Instead.

Hildreth beat her to the bed. “Ha! I win! I—”

She tackled him onto the mattress and rolled him onto his back.

He laughed. “Elsie. Elsie. Elllll-sieeeee. Elsie Mayhew is gorgeous. Elsie Mayhew is fierce. Elsie Mayhew is—-”

She kissed him.

“Mmm….mmm…” Hildreth tucked his hands under her hair, touching the warm, soft skin of her face, of her neck. He raised his head off the bed and kissed her with all of the passion he possessed.

She returned every kiss with just as much passion and it was Christmas.

It was the Fourth of July.

It was everything bright and beautiful and sparkly.

It was snowflake-shaped cookies and hot cocoa on a winter’s night.

It was fireworks and fireflies in summer’s heat.

He brought his knees up and she moved her hands down.

So far down.

So much heat.

So much wonderful, joyful heat that he didn’t need to keep to himself. So, he didn’t keep it to himself.

Hildreth wrapped his legs around Elsie and he gave it to her. He shared it with her.

And it was joy.

It was love.


Hildreth reveled in his happiness as Elsie snuggled in his arms.

So much better than doing it on the floor. Not a single doubt about it.

He kissed her head and said flirtatiously, “Elsie. Elsie Van—Sorry. Elsie Mayhew. Elsie Mayhew is hot. Elsie Mayhew is the bee’s knees. Elsie Mayhew is fabulous. Elsie Mayhew is an absolute queen.” He kissed her head again and again. “I’m so glad you married me, Elsie baby.”

“And I’m glad you married me.” she murmured.

“Oh? So, you are awake?”

“Mmm, no. Keep talking.”

“Hm. Should I barrage you with utter nonsense or should I whisper sweet, sweet nothings in your ear?”

She laughed. “You’re probably the only man who would ever ask such a thing.”

“Oh? So, it’s utter nonsense you want?”

She raised her head and looked down at him. The expression on her face took him by surprise.

She’s looking at me as if I were something truly amazing. What does she see when she looks at me like that? Is she admiring my all-around, completely undeniable hotness? Or does she see something more?

Elsie kissed him. “Talk, my love, and I will listen.”

“Ahh, so you’re giving me carte blanche.” He grinned. “I’ll take it!”

She laughed. “So, take it and talk.”

“Oh yes, ma’am!” He looked into her gold eyes. “Why do fools fall in love?”


He grinned and sang it.


Elsie laid her hand at the base of his throat as he sang. His voice vibrated under her fingertips.

It made her think of bumblebees.

It made her think of summer cicadas.

It made her think of hummingbirds.

I love this.

I love him.

Just him.

He’s all that I want and everything I need. And I could have lost him. With all of the pining I did for Ambrose, he could have declared that I wasn’t worth the drama. He could have given up on me. 

How stupid was I? How could I have ever wanted Ambrose instead of this fine and wonderful idiot?

Maybe we’re both idiots in our own ways. Maybe we’re both hopeless fools.

She sang along with him. Her smoky, folksy voice blended easily with his voice.

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