Part 2169 – Watch Out, Hildreth! Here She Comes!

The organist played a profoundly dramatic version of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?”

Hildreth bit his lower lip and struggled to keep the laughter from escaping.

Focus on breathing. That’s important. Keep breathing.

Don’t laugh.

Keep calm.

He looked over at the organist just as the organist swooshed her head about. Her hair escaped its elaborate styling and whipped her face.

Wrong thing to look at.

He bit his lower lip even harder and quickly looked away.

Any minute now it’s going to explode.

My lip, not her head.

The laughter inside his throat was too much for him to keep bottled up. He fake coughed and that made it feel better.

“You okay?” Darius stage-whispered.

Hildreth nodded.

She’s taking so long. Does the bride usually take this long before coming on down the aisle?

His thoughts inexplicably turned to Ambrose.

Did he have to undergo such a brain-munching wait? How did he handle it? How did he keep himself from going eating raw spaghetti with raw acorns kind of nuts? How did he keep it all together?

He smirked.

Too bad I don’t have his phone number. I’d love to give him a call and pester him. Stupid vampire. He’s sleeping now. Probably snores like an old dog. Probably drools too.

Big drool puddles.


Lakes of drool.

He drool-drowns his pillow every day.

The doors opened.

Hildreth’s heart jumped pretty much straight up into his brain.


But no. It was a small group of Elsie’s relatives and a whole fleet of her mother’s friends. She had a tremendous amount of friends. It was an amazing thing.

The usher did his thing and led them to their pews – small group by small group.



How will the organist know that you’re all ready to come in? Telepathic communication? Text message? Courier? Maybe a pigeon will fly in through the belfry and…

He studied the arched ceiling.

Well. There’s a problem. I don’t see a way for the pigeon to fly in here. All the windows are closed. I guess they’ll have to open the doors for it. Huh. But how will they give it to the bird in the first place? Maybe they have caged pigeons. Courier pigeons.



Hmmm, maybe it should be doves. Doves seem more church appropriate. Ghost doves.

He nodded.

That sounds right. I just have no idea how that works. But it would definitely work. And it would solve the problem about how the bird will get in here. It’ll just be able to fly straight through the window. No problems.

Master Shinowa side-glanced at him. “Much lost in thoughts, Mayhew.” he said softly.

Before Hildreth could respond, the organist switched from a hymnized “You’ll Be In My Heart” to Pachabel’s “Canon in D”. Hildreth straightened his posture and watched the doors.




Elsie stood in line behind the priest, her four bride’s maids, her mother, and her flower girl. She looked down at her silver brooch bouquet — all silver filigree flowers and crystals that went perfectly with the silver on her bodice and skirt.

We could have gone with flowers. There were so many beautiful flower bouquets to choose from.

But this is right.

This is so perfect.

This is so me.

The doors opened.

Elsie raised her head.


Hildreth, I’m coming. Be there. Please be there waiting for me.

The priest entered the church as the organist played Pachabel’s “Canon in D”.

I feel so unreal.

Everyone else followed the priest in carefully ordered pairs moving in carefully ordered steps.

I don’t feel human.

Her bride’s maids.

I don’t feel like I’m made out of skin and bone.

Her mother.

I feel like I’m made out of light.

Her flower girl.

Light and joy and fireworks.

And it was her turn to enter the church.


Delirious laughter bubbled inside of her as she stepped forward.

One, two, feet together.

One, two, feet together.

Hildreth, I’m coming.

I’m going to finally marry you.

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