Part 2040 – Raven’s Breakdown

If only I possessed the magic to keep him safe, I would put a barrier around him. No one would be able to harm him. He would be safe. He would return to me perfectly safe and unharmed.

My Robin, be safe out there.

Raven’s phone rang. He answered it before the first ring had a chance to finish. “Hello? Jeff?”

“No, this is LM.”

LM? Why is he calling me?

Where is Jeff?

“Missy…Is Missy all right?”

Push it down.


Do not let them see your fear.

Do not let them hear it in your voice.

“Is she…” He cleared his throat. “Is she still alive, sir?”

“Well, that’s why I’m calling you.”

Raven felt his color bleed away from his face. “Oh?”

“She is alive. As a matter of fact, she’s awake.”

Relief hit Raven so hard he opened his mouth to gasp and a scream came out instead.

All of the sliding doors down the hall whooshed open and people rubber-necked to see who was being killed.

Raven put his hand over his mouth and wobbled. He wanted to fall to his knees, but his legs weren’t quite wobbly enough.

“That was unnecessary.” the half-fey said in flat disapproval.

“I’m. I. Missy. She. She. She…My Missy. My.”

LM sighed heavily into the phone. “Tell you what. You can have your annoyingly human nervous breakdown later. She’s asking for you. You need to hurry over here. Now.”

Raven nodded and ended the call.

The scent of oak, mocha, and musk overwhelmed him as Ambrose stopped in front of him. He grabbed Raven’s shoulders and looked into his face. “Are you all right? Are you—-”

“She’s awake. She’s. She’s. My. Sh—she. She.” He laughed a tearful laugh. “My Missy. My precious Missy.” Tears fell down his face. “Sh—sh—she’s. She’s.”

Ambrose hugged him.

And that’s when Raven fully lost it. All of the emotions and fears he had successfully pushed down volcanoed. He erupted into tears and messy laughter.

Ambrose didn’t say anything. He just held onto him.


LM frowned at the Call Ended on his phone screen.

“Is he coming?” Jeff asked.

He screamed in my ear and then spent the rest of the call sputtering. How am I supposed to know if he’s coming or not?

LM glanced at Missy and her father.

But I can’t tell them that.

“LM, is he coming?”

But I don’t know the answer. What am I supposed to say?

Capernaum appeared next to him. “Don’t worry, my dear friend. He will come running.”

The half-fey glanced up at him. “Are you sure about that?”

Capernaum smiled. “Very sure.”

“Okay. That’s good enough for me.” He looked back at Jeff. “Yes, Raven is coming back here. He should be here shortly.”

Capernaum nodded his approval.


“Raven, go to her. I’ll be fine. Barbara and I will be fine.”

“But, sir! I am your best man. I ought to stay until all of our guests have left. That is my responsibility.”

“Raven. Just this one time, throw responsibility out into the cold rain and ignore its pounding on the doors and windows. Go to her or I’ll personally drive you to her.”

“What? And abandon your own reception?” Raven stiffened. “Certainly not, sir. That would be—”

Ambrose smiled and bared his fangs. “I don’t care what it is or what it would be. I really don’t. Go. Or I’ll bite you.”

Raven sniffled as he smoothed down the front of Ambrose’s tuxedo. “Very well, sir.” He readjusted his boutonniere. “Stay safe.” He pressed his fist above Ambrose’s heart. “Do not get yourself staked.”

Ambrose retracted his fangs and pressed his fist above his friend’s heart. “Back at you. Go.”

Raven nodded. He ran down the hall, into the front lobby, and out the front door.

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