Part 2032 – Ambrose Just Couldn’t Help Himself.

I want this night to go on and on. I don’t want it to end. But I do want it to end. I want to finally go home with him. I want our life together to officially begin.

But I want to enjoy every single moment of this moment.

Every crazy pose this photographer comes up with.

Every endless series of shots.

Every greeting.

Every congratulations.

Every hug.

Every wellwishing.

I want to soak it all into my memory. So, I’ll always remember how it was.

Barbara looked down at the handsome man kneeling on one knee before her.

This man is my husband.

She ran her hand through his hair.

He closed his eyes and leaned into her touch.

The photographer went wild, taking shot after shot after shot.

Barbara smiled. “My fluffy gray kitten.”

He opened his eyes. ‘I still don’t understand why I have to be gray.”

Her smile turned mischievous. “Because you’re so much older than me.”

“Ha! If we weren’t posing right now, I’d have to tickle you for that.”

She giggled. “You don’t know where I’m ticklish.”

He grinned. “I’ll figure it out.”

“I bet you won’t.”

“Such a brat.”

“Excellent!” The photographer lowered his camera. “Bride, I want you to stand alone by the door. Your white gown will positively pop with that black door in the background.”

“What am I supposed to do?” Ambrose asked.

“Wait your turn. I have a great idea for your solo shot. So, for right now, move out of the frame. Go behind me, groom.”


Ambrose obeyed. He watched the photographer give Barbara instructions. She listened to him with that serious, very focused expression that Ambrose loved.

He flexed his claws.

I want to run to her.

I want to scoop her up into my arms and run off with her.  I want to dance with her from one end of the restaurant to the other end. I want to sit beside her as she eats. I will not be able to eat with her. I know that for an official fact. But she will enjoy it and that will be enough for me.

It’s just too bad I won’t be able to share a piece of the cake with her. But I really don’t want to repeat that fiasco.  I really don’t.

The photographer retreated to his previous spot and started to take pictures of her standing alone. He gave her different instructions with each shot.

Different poses.

Ambrose fell a little deeper in love with her as she obeyed the photographer’s commands.

She’s so beautiful, this woman of softness and iron. And she loves me. This beautiful, wonderful woman loves me.

Where would I be today if I never knew her? Who would I be without her in my life?



She turned her head to look back at him. Her wedding veil concealed the side of her face, lending her an air of enchantment and mystery.

That pose elated the photographer into a happy shot taking craze.

And Ambrose just couldn’t resist. He strode over to her.

“Hey! Hey, groom! Move it! What are you doing? Get out of the shot!”

Barbara smiled at his approach.

“Barbara. Barbara.” He stopped in front of her.


He slipped his hands under the hair framing her face.

She sighed happily. “I’ve missed this so much.”

“So have I.” He slid his hands to the back of her neck.

She closed her eyes and leaned her head back.

The photographer recognized a good photo op and stopped complaining. He resumed taking pictures.

Ambrose chuckled. “I wonder how those pictures will come out. I sure hope it doesn’t look like I’m trying to kill you.”


He kissed her – a gentle, loving kiss.

The photographer and his camera faded out of sight and mind.

Barbara opened her eyes and it was just her.

Just him.

Husband and wife in a sweet and magical moment meant for only two.

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