Part 2009 – I Want You, But Ugh! You Don’t Want Me.

I want you.

Isellta Mal Hoven, I want you.

Robin scratched the back of his head.

Is that somethin’ I can tell him and not sound like a creep?

I want you.

I WANT you.

I want YOU.

I WAAAAAaaaaAAAAnt you.

He shuddered.

I sound like a creep and that ain’t me sayin’ it out loud. How bad’s it gonna sound then?

“Some thing’s just sound a whole lot better on stage.” he muttered.

“I beg your pardon, sir?” Raven said.

“Ain’t nothin’. Just me babblin’ on to myself.”


The photographer put his camera on the altar rail and clapped his hands. “Excellent job, everyone. I am so impressed! Now, we move on to the next location —- The Red Envelope in Pinkerlee.” His eyes glinted. “I’ve heard of this place. The colors. The dark wood. The food. Ahhh, so many ideas. So many pictures. But only so much time. Sooo! Chop chop!” He clapped his hands again. “Let’s get this wedding party moving!”

Robin marched over to John. “I’m assumin’ Ambrose and Barb’ra are goin’ by themselves. I’m gonna go with you. If I gotta watch or listen to them loverin’ in the background while I’m tryna drive, I’ll deliberately crash the car.”


“What? You ain’t gonna ask for no reason why?”

John chuckled. “Do I want to know the reason why?”

Robin looked over at Ambrose and Barbara. He whispered something in her ear. She giggled. “’cause I could have had that. That kind of happiness. It coulda been mine. I chased it away. I told that happiness to leave me alone. I slapped its face. Its sweet, lovely face.”

“Are you…are you talking about Ambrose?”

Robin shook his head. “Isellta.”


Preyuna contemplated the unconscious fey. “I wonder if that ugly vampire will come here. Is he the kind of person who keeps his promises or are they nothing but cheap words to him? Does he love you enough to come running or has he already moved on to a lover more fitting for someone of his low caliber?”

She stroked his face. “Why him? What do you see in him? How can you see any good in something that damaged? Isellta, I offered myself to you. I degraded myself for you, begging and threatening you for something that any one of my harem members would happily give me. Do you have any idea how humiliating that is for someone like me?”

Her expression hardened. “He will come. I’m sure he will. I’m counting on it. He will come. I will go out and talk to him. I will convince him to kill Mark Caten. And we’ll be free, Isellta. I’ll be free. I’ll be able to teleport again. I’ll be able to go home. He will wake you, because, of course, you’ll wake for him. But you will come home with me.”

If Robin gets here in time.

“Where is he, Isellta? When will he come here?”

Will he be too late?

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