Part 1892 – Giving Barbara A Chance To Say, “No, Thank You.”

Capernaum stood at the foot of Ambrose’s bed, watching the two vampires as they slept and dreamed.

The one with black hair slept with a slight smile. Apparently, he was having some nice dreams.

“He is Ambrose.” Capernaum said to himself.

The one with the messy brown hair, on the other hand, held on to his companion as tight as he could. He huffed through his open mouth. His eyebrows quilted up.

“This one is Robin.” Capernaum appeared next to Robin on the bed. “Don’t worry. LM is coming.” He glanced at the window and, just like that, reappeared over there.

Capernaum separated the heavy, light-blocking drapes and looked outside. “He should be here soon.”


Barbara splayed her hands on Ambrose’s chest. Her body heat radiated from her hands and her fingers through his tank top and into his chest.

He leaned his head back, captivated and enthralled. “Burn me, Barbara. Set my skin aflame. Consume me completely.”

“If you insist.”


Robin strolled into the room and threw a whipped cottage cheese and sour cream pie at the back of Ambrose’s head. It hit its target with a spectacular splatter effect. It was amazing. “Hey, stupid. Phone’s ringin’. You better answer it or I’ll stake ya.”


Ambrose opened his eyes a crack and glared at Robin.

But Robin was still sound asleep.

“Must be nice.”

Ambrose’s phone rang.

He huffed out a sigh and answered it. “hello?”


He squiggled out of Robin’s embrace and relocated to rest his head on his pillow. “Barbara. Is something wrong?”


“Oh. Good.”

“I just needed to hear your voice again.’

He smiled sleepily. “You naughty girl. Always disturbing my sleep. I will have to do something about that, you know.”

“Oh? What did you have in mind?”

“I’ll have to disturb your sleep. And I will, you know.”


Barbara blushed.

Maybe he didn’t mean it to sound like an innuendo, but it sure came off that way.

“Now, who’s being naughty?”

He laughed. “Apparently, you. Thinking such shocking thoughts about me doing such things to you.”

The combination of his words and his voice’s warm, sleepy slur set her skin on fire.

“Are you blushing, Barbara Addleston?”


“Barbara. Barbara, it isn’t a matter of days anymore. It’s all a matter of hours. Just a small amount of hours. You do want to marry me, don’t you? You haven’t changed your mind, have you?”

“Not at all. You would have to do something astonishingly horrible to make me change my mind.”


“Astonishingly horrible, huh?” Ambrose rolled over on his side. “It could happen. I could snap. I could break and do…” He blinked slowly. “I could.”

“Shh. I believe in you.”

He opened his eyes.

“I trust you.”

“Maybe. Maybe you shouldn’t trust me so much. I am a vampire and you are a human. I could kill you.” He slowly sat up. “Barbara, are you sure? Time is running so fast. It will be tonight so soon. Are you sure this is what you want your life to be? The inequality in our ages. You’re days and I’m nights. The danger. My ability to say and do the wrong things, to ruin perfectly lovely moments. My innate selfishness. Can you really want all of this? Can you really want someone as messed up as me?”

“Ambrose, if I didn’t want you, I would have told you by now. I would not wait until our wedding day to tell you that I’ve changed my mind. I hope I have better manners than to do something that clichéd and heartless.”

He pressed his palm against his forehead. “But this is your last chance. After we say our vows, that’s it. I’m yours. You’ll have to deal with all of my ups and downs. You know there will be downs. You know how I am.”

“Ambrose. I know exactly how you are. I have no delusions about it. I have seen you at your worst.”

He lowered his hand. “No.” He unsheathed his claws. “You haven’t.”

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