Part 1792 – One Large Concurrent Curry And Many Happy Thoughts.

“And here’s for you lovebirds – one large Concurrent Curry.”

Hildreth turned forward and tried his best to look respectable as the waitress put his plate in front of him. But he certainly didn’t feel respectable.

This waiting game is going to kill me. When we finally say our I do’s, I’m going to drop dead. I’m going to drop dead from either relief or from all of this built up sexual tension/frustration. Or I’ll just explode into glitter and confetti.

I might even melt into a fit of sheer hysteria.

I wonder if Elsie will be the same way. She’s burning just as hot for me. I know she is.

What will it be like to have no more interruptions, no more “No, not yet”? What will it be like to finally give in to what we’ve both been aching for? No. We’re well past aching. We’re desperate and borderline crazed.

He glanced at Elsie and grinned.

I wonder if she would agree with my assessment.

“Hey.” Elsie said. “Are you going to eat your food or what?”

“Ladies first.”

She looked down at the bright yellow mess of chicken and golden raisins and almonds and water chestnuts and kohlrabi cubes and diced bok choy. “This looks unholy.”

Hildreth took a whiff of its tangy mustard and horseradish sauce scent. “Ahh, but it sure smells good.”

“You would think so. But I’ll give it a try.” She stabbed up a bunch with her fork. “Just so you know, if this makes me sick, you will be eating nothing but tofu and ramen noodles for the next month.”

“Ooo, my Elsie bein’ all strict.”

She grinned and put the forkful in her mouth.


She scrunched up her eyes and wrinkled her nose, but she ate it.

“And the verdict is…?”

She opened her eyes. “Could be worse.”

He shot his fists into the air. “And it’s another win for me! Woooo!”

“Oh, don’t go celebrating too soon. You still need to try it.”

“Huh? You make that sound like that’ll be a problem. It smells and looks good to me.”

“Yeah? Well, stop talking and try it.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He stabbed a larger piece of chicken. “Hm. I’d hate to jump subjects, especially when we’re having this much fun, but have you picked up your wedding dress yet?”

“I was planning to do that today.”

“Did you want me to come with?”

“Uhh, no. I want to try it on before I buy it, just to make sure it still fits me okay.”

“So, I can’t be there.”

“Nope. Unless you really want to be a jinx.”

“No, not really.” He put the chicken in his mouth. “Mm! Good. Soooo good.” He ate the piece with a lot of “mmm”ing.

“What about you? Did you get your tuxedo yet?”

“Oh, baby, I did that days ago.” He speared another piece of chicken and waved it in a limp-wristed gesture. “Because I’m just super awesome that way.”

Elsie snatched the fork from him. “Super awesome, huh?” She ate his piece of chicken.

He grinned. “You like it. You love it. You want to eat it all by yourself.”

She scooped up a whole group of raisins and water chestnuts. “Not by myself.” She offered it to him. “No longer by myself.”


She smiled. “You going to eat it or am I going to stuff it into your mouth?”

He laughed. “I don’t think you can use that line with our future kids. I mean, you could try, but you’ll go nowhere fast.” He accepted her offering.


Our future kids.

My children with Hildreth.

Our special blend of genes and DNA.

I want it.

She took his hand and examined the scars and callouses on it.

Wide palm.

Long fingers.

Strong fingers.

And she saw a small glimpse of the possible future.

Hildreth learning how to change a diaper.

Hildreth holding their baby so close and protective.

Hildreth rocking their baby to sleep while singing Dixie Chicks’ songs.

I want it so much.

I want to be his wife and his children’s mother.

I want to see this possible future become real.

I want to see him become a father.

She looked up at him. He had stopped eating and was looking at her.


“Hildreth, you are going to be an amazing father.”

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