Part 1778 – Thinking About The Changed Hunter

Elsie watched Hildreth scrutinize the menu.

I can only imagine that he’s looking for either the weirdest or the most unhealthy choice. And he will insist on me having some.

So, of course, I will have some of whatever it is. I enjoy humoring him. I love seeing his reaction to what I like and what I don’t like. I love surprising him. Just as he enjoys surprising me.

I love seeing him laugh.

I love seeing him enjoy our time together in these quiet moments.

Elsie thought about the changed hunter she’d seen.

She thought about the obvious strain that hunter’s husband lived under.

How does he cope?

What does he do while she sleeps?

How often does he torture himself with memories of who she used to be?

Yet, he still loves her. It is obviously a difficult life they’re living, but he still loves her. I think he’d willingly die for her.

What if that were me? Would Hildreth let me live on like that? Would he go hunting with me and keep me reined in?

Elsie focused on his face.

I think he would.

I know he would.

His expression brightened. “Ooo! Look at that. Mmm!”

And if the roles were reversed? Would I go hunting with him?


No questions.

No doubts.

Even if that meant I had to quit my job as a hunter, I would do it for him. So I could protect him.

But it would break my heart to see the man I love reduced to that, to see him so deeply broken.

“Hey, Elsie! Look at that.” He tapped his finger on a menu item.

Out of curiosity, Elsie looked at it. “Concurrent Curry?” She frowned as she read the description. “Wait. What the—How do any of these ingredients go together? What?”

He laughed. “I have to get it. I just have to!”

She looked up at him.

I would miss this Hildreth so much. I don’t know how I’d cope.

“I’ll have some if you order it.” she said.

He beamed at her. “Then, that settles it.” He looked at it again. “Oh! It comes in a small, medium, large, or megalithic. Megalithic. Megalithic? Is that a real word?”

“Yes, it is and no, we are not getting a megalithic Concurrent Curry. Not the day before our wedding.”

“Hmm. You have a good point. So, we should get the large, then?”

Elsie thought about it and nodded. “I’m okay with that.”

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