Part 846 – The Fight That Started Everything

Ambrose couldn’t help but smile as Elsie Vansing launched into her attack. She was a dynamo of power and speed and determination. Her black hair flared around her. Her gold eyes sparkled with a fierce life.

He fought back with equal determination. “It would be a pleasure—” He extended his claws and slashed at her face.

She punched his hand away.

She aimed her fist at his face.

He dodged her blow. “—to kiss someone as alive as you.”

“You wish!” She punched him in the face so hard it should have broken something. The impact made him stagger back.

But she didn’t let up.

She charged at him.

She threw another punch.

He caught her fist.

She tried to punch him with her other fist.

He caught that one too. “I’m assuming Mark Caten sent you.”

She struggled to pull free from his grip. “Yes.”

Ambrose pushed her up against the wall. His gaze dipped down to her neck. “To kill me.” His mouth moved to her neck. “Obviously.”

She kneed him.

He gasped as the pain radiated into his gut and all the way up into his elbows.

He released her and crumpled.

“I don’t ask questions. What he does to you is none of my—-” She bashed her elbow into the middle of his back.

He fell completely to the floor.


He growled through the pain.

She grabbed his hair and pulled his head up.

He glared at her. ‘You haven’t won, hunter.”

She pulled his head further back, eliciting a pained grunt from him. “I think I have. Vamp. Does this castle have a dungeon?”

He snarled in response.

“I’m asking you nicely.”

He scoffed. “Oh, really? This is nicely? Gee. I wonder what your idea of rough is.”

“I keep punching your gut until you cry. I could do that if you want. Or you could just answer my question. Do you have a dungeon here?”

He growled. “Why should I tell you anything, hunter?”

“Because it is a matter of your life or your death. Answer my question – You live. Don’t answer it – You die. It’s just that simple.”

“You are as ruthless as they say, Elsie Vansing. Yes. I have a dungeon.” He smirked. “You hoping for some wild, kinky fun?”

She released his hair and elbowed the back of his neck.

He fell to the floor with all of his nerves zapping sharp with shock.

He was only vaguely aware of her lifting him off the ground and carrying him away.


Ambrose opened his eyes.

Kevin was still sleeping on him, but Ambrose let him be.

He pulled out his cellphone and checked the time.

“Three forty-nine.” He closed his eyes and laid still. His mind drifted every which way.

Until, at last, it settled on Barbara.

She’s probably still at work.

I shouldn’t bother her.

Sammy would get mad at me.

He opened his eyes and smiled.

“So? I’ll make it a quick call.”

He went into his Contacts.

Her name sat right on the top.

Barbara Addleston.

His smile grew.

He pressed her name.

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