Part 784 – Reinforcements

I want to kiss him all over that stupidly sweet face of his.

I want to touch him all over.

I want to feel his back muscles move under my hands as he flaps those stupid wings of his.

I want to hear him whisper “I love you” as he touches me.

I want to hear him say that I don’t make sense and he’d be so right. I don’t make any freaking sense.

“Isellta. ¬†Isellta.”

I want to feel his hands on my skin.

I want to hear his voice again.

I want…

“Isellta. I just want you to come home to me.”


Isellta felt mystified by whatever Robin had said.

It looked like a lot of words. Certainly far more than I love you. But what could it have been?

Robin opened his mouth and spoke three words.




Come home.

I want to, Robin. I want to so bad.

“Robin. I…”

I wish you were here.

I wish I could hold you tight.

I wish I could come home.

“I miss you.”


“I miss you too.”




I love him.

Stupid scrawny little fey.

I love him the way I oughta love a chick.


Isellta smiled. A beguilingly innocent smile.

Robin could feel his ears turn red.

Darn it all! I just wanna kiss him so much.


The combined scent of black pepper and green pepper filled the room.

“Step away from the monitors and kneel on the floor.”

Robin glanced at the doorway.

Two red-robed guards blocked the doorway. They both pointed a Super Bossman 8600 at him.


Why is he looking away from me? What…

“Now, he’s gonna get it.”

Isellta looked at the guard. “I don’t understand.”

“I called for reinforcements. And look. There they are.”

Isellta looked back at the monitor.

The armed guards came into view.

Isellta rose from his seat. His wings flared out in alarm. “No! Robin!”


Robin swallowed hard. “I don’t get it. Is this Antioch’s doing?”

“Nah. We got our orders from the bird in the Henspence control room.”

The other guard elbowed his comrade’s side. “Shut it. We’re not supposed to converse with him. Orders were shoot on sight.”

“Oh, right.”

From Henspence.


Control room.


But why would he…


What kind of freaking game is he playing?

“So, I guess we should stop talking.”


Robin extended his claws. He ran at the two guards as they fired stake after stake at him.


Isellta watched in helpless horror as the stakes bounced off of him.

They can’t miss for long.

They just need one shot.


I can’t do anything to help him.


He trembled as Robin chose to take them on instead of just escaping.

“What are you doing? You nonsensical human. Run. ROBIN! RUN!”


Robin rammed his head into the guard’s gut, knocking the wind out of him. He attacked the downed man with his claws.

I don’t understand.


Isellta. Why would you do this to me? WHY? why?

The other guard grabbed Robin and shoved him away from his comrade.

Robin snarled at him.

And wound up with the business end of a Super Bossman 8600 against his chest.

Right above his heart.



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