Part 508 – Robin And Isellta Join The Shirtless Brigade

Robin closed the bedroom door and locked it.

That ain’t gonna keep him out. If he wants in, he’ll come in.

I hope he don’t.

I hope he stays out there. I don’t wanna deal with him starin’ at me all day. It creeps me out so much.

Robin took his shirt off.

The shower right next to his room rushed on.

“Darnation!” I wanted to take a shower. I’ll just have to wait on him.

His day exhaustion kicked in.

He wobbled over to his bed and lay down.

I’ll wait.




He fell asleep.


It was just a little after dawn.

Barbara drove towards Sammy’s Place. She checked the time.

Hmm. At this rate, I’ll be there super early.

She smiled.

What if I stop by and pay him a quick visit?

I have plenty of time.

She thought about all of the pros and cons.

Her smile grew.

Just one quick visit and I’ll be on my way.


Isellta stepped out of the shower, looking like a duck that just barely survived an oil spill.

His hair was plastered flat to his head.

His wings were heavy with water.

He tried to stretch his wings to shake out the excess water, but there wasn’t nearly enough room for that. Not even if he stood sideways.

He opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the hallway.

Someone was already in the hallway.

A young woman with wavy blonde hair.

He blinked rapidly at her.

She screamed.

Ambrose and Robin burst out of their rooms.

“Barbara!” Ambrose ran to her in his tank top and khaki shorts.

Robin was still completely shirtless.

Ambrose snarled at Isellta. “You reprobate!”

He fled into the bathroom and locked the door before Ambrose could kill him.

The water streamed off his wings into a lake-sized puddle.

He tried to shake the water off, but there just wasn’t enough room. It just wasn’t possible.

He closed the toilet lid down and sat. I’ll just wait for them to clear out of the hallway.


As soon as he realized that the house wasn’t being burgled or burnt down, Robin returned to his room.

And Isellta wasn’t leaving the bathroom anytime soon.

But Barbara’s face was on fire.

Absolutely on fire.

Ambrose kicked the bathroom door and led Barbara to the living room. “You okay?”

“Umm. Yeah, just…I don’t even know what to say about that.”

“Don’t worry.”

They both sat on the couch.

“I’ll kill them later.”

“Good. That makes me feel better.” She noticed his clothes and grinned. “So, you do wear shorts!”

Ambrose rubbed his forehead. “Raven insists on me using them as pajamas. The old stuffed shirt doesn’t believe in naked sleeping.”

Her face should have shot out flames at this point. “I’m very grateful for that.”

He grinned.

“If I had to see Robin shirtless, that fey naked, and you naked all at the same time…” She shook her head. “No. Just so many forms of no.”

He slouched back. “So, why are you here?”

“I was on my way to work. I wanted to thank you for getting me home safe last night.”

“I did the best I could.”

“And I appreciate it.” She kissed him. “So, thank you.” She laid her hand on his chest. “Thank you for not taking advantage of me or biting me.”

“I never will.” He closed his eyes. “I will never break your trust. I promise.” He brought his knees up and laid down.

She covered him with a maroon chenille throw, kissed him one more time, and left.

He slept peacefully.

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