Part 439 – I’m Safe And So Are You

The fey waited until Barbara ran out the door. He walked over to Raven. “Can you help him?”

Raven sat back on his feet. “I will have to catch a hunter, bring her or him back here, have him drink from the hunter…” He looked up at the fey. “Does your friend have all of his fangs, sir?”


“Is he physically and mentally capable of feeding?”

The fey knelt next to Robin and stroked his hair.

“Is he, sir?”

He nodded.

“Good. I can help him.”

“Thank you.”

An odd thought occurred to Raven. “Would you have any objections if he stayed with me while he recovers?”

The fey raised his head. “Will you take care of him?”

“For as long as he needs me.”

He flapped his wings. “Thank you! I will owe a debt to you.”

“There is no need of that, sir.”


“Trust me.” Raven thought about Idden and Marcus’ last request and he smiled. “I am happy to be of service.”


Barbara kissed the side of Ambrose’s head and waited for him to calm down.

His breathing softened into quiet normal.

“You okay?”

“Just keep holding me and I’ll feel better.”

She waited a couple of minutes before asking, “What did she do to you?”

He raised his head. “Olessa Caten had no heart, which isn’t that surprising when you consider who her father is. What did she do to me? Everything she could think of. Whatever struck her fancy. Experiments to find my weaknesses. I was so hungry and cold. I couldn’t move. My head was pinned down. My hands were cuffed to the ground. I couldn’t stop her. I couldn’t fight back. It took Sammy and his mother to get me out of there.”

“But you’re safe now.”

Ambrose visibly relaxed. “I’m safe now. And you’re safe.” He twirled some strands of her hair around his fingers. “My Barbara.” He smiled. “Could you say it one more time? One more time and I won’t ask again. I promise.”

“What? Oh! You silly. Yes.” She stroked his face. “My answer is yes.”

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