Part 2592 – “DO YOU HEAR ME?”

The vampire sat on LM’s back, straddling him. He grabbed the mid-section of LM’s trec lun bones and pinned him. Dirt and sharp pea stones pressed into the small boy’s face.

LM froze.

“Do you have feathers jammed inside your ears, fey? I said, come.”

In another life, Capernaum would have stepped in and saved him. He would have punched this man for touching LM, for wanting to do who knows what to LM.

“You disappointed my paying customers, freak.” Anger seethed through his words. “Do it again and I will snap your wings into bits. And from what I’ve heard, your broken wings will hurt. They will never stop hurting.”

But Capernaum wasn’t there.

“Maybe you’re just stupid. I hear that’s a common thing in some fey families.”

A man in a furry light gray suit and mirrored sunglasses stood before the unconscious freak show owner. He smiled. “Hi. I’m Capernaum. I hear you have some special abilities.”

Capernaum was gone for good.

And the people passing by paid no heed to what was happening right there.

“Well. Since you’re clearly too stupid to obey…”

Capernaum crouched so they were eye to eye. “Come with me. I work for a place called The Institute. They have need of someone with your abilities. And they will not hurt you the way he did. We will take care of you. I will protect you.”

LM was on his own.

The man tried to drag him away.

LM transformed into Capernaum, leaving the man empty-handed without a single wing to hold on to.

The man lost his balance and fell. He scrambled up to his feet. “Where’d that little demon run off to?”

LM didn’t give him a chance to figure it out. He socked the man right into the gut.

The man “oof”ed and doubled over.

He huddled and tried to shield his face with his arms. But the kicks and punches kept coming. Hard. So sharp and hard.

LM tackled the man onto his back and kept punching him. He wasn’t aiming for any particular spots. Just hitting wherever he could land a blow. He was only dimly aware of the thump of fast footsteps.

He cried out in fear and pain. But the vampire didn’t stop.

“You will not grab me again!” LM said, but it wasn’t his voice. It was Capernaum’s. It was strong and powerful, like that of the Ancients passing judgment. “Do you hear me? You will not touch me or go near me! You will stay FAR from me!”

The man whimpered.

The vampire threw him into the hole. LM looked up just in time to see him drop the tarp on top of the hole. And there was darkness. 


Complete darkness.

Someone embraced LM from the back, pinning his arms to the sides.

“NO! Let me go!” LM squiggled and squirmed as this interloper dragged him away. “Let me go!”

The darkness felt like death. He curled up and cried. He believed that he would never see light again.

But no matter how much LM squirmed, his new captor held on to him.

“LET ME GO!” He bristled out his feathers. “I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE WITH HIM OR YOU!”

“Knock it off.” Jeff said in a quiet but firm tone of voice. “People are staring. They’re gonna call Security on you.”

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