Part 2588 – A Tired-Headed Raven.

Raven didn’t move all that quickly. He’d been a vampire for long enough to know better. Yet, despite the care he took in standing up, his head felt like it was twirling in poorly drawn spirals.

He sat back down, leaned forward, and covered his face with his hands. The spiraling seemed to go crooked, wobbling in and out of fast and slow.

If it were a ride at a county fair, Raven would have demanded a full refund for poor maintenance.

He groaned softly and pressed his hands against his face, as if the pressure would help with stabilization.

The nurse said something to Jeff or maybe she asked Jeff a question and maybe Jeff replied. Raven didn’t know for sure. It was all fuzzy noise on varying levels.

“My pretty shirtless Raven.” Missy’s voice was a lighthouse’s lamp, piercing through his mental fog.

Raven couldn’t remember how or when his head had drooped down, but he uncovered his face and raised his head.

“You’re so pretty, even when you’re tired.” she said. “Especially when you’re tired, but also when you’re wide awake too.”

He smiled sleepily at her. “Are you saying I am pretty all the time?”

“Yes. That is exactly what I’m saying. But you know I like you best when you don’t have your shirt on.”

He laughed. “And I like you best when you don’t have a shirt on.”

Jeff shot such a look at Raven and Missy’s hair sparked into flames. It took Raven a few minutes to figure out the reason for both reactions. He blushed furiously as soon as he understood. “Not that I have seen you without a shirt on. I have not. I hardly understand why I would say such a thing.”

“You’re tired.” LM said with flat matter-of-factness.

“Ah. Ah, that is true.”

Missy shifted into a more comfortable position. “Raven.” She held her hand out to him.

He stood with only minimal head-spinniness and stumbled over to her hospital bed. He took her hand. “Missy.”

Her flames calmed down.

“My fiery Missy.” There were words inside his head that he wanted to say. But they were nothing but a messy soup at the moment. If he tried to speak his thoughts, it would have been in poorly constructed sentences of pure nonsense. So, he just held her hand and let her speak instead.

“My walking is getting so much better. The nurse thinks that they will probably release me today and I’ll be able to go home with you and no more hospital beds and no more hospital bed rails and no more hospital gowns and hospital food and I want to get a great big cake.”

He raised her hand to his lips and kissed it. “I will buy you the biggest cake I can buy.”


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