Part 2587 – Go Fish!

“Go fish.” LM said.

Jeff drew a card from the pile on Missy’s wheeled overbed table. The table sat at its lowest setting between their two armchairs. “Hmm.”

“Hmm? Hmm, what?” LM leaned forward. “What did you get?”

Jeff laughed and pulled his cards against his chest. “Ah-ah! No peeking.”

LM settled back into his seat. He frowned at the seven cards in his hands: two 2’s, one King, two 5’s, one 4, and one 10. “Do you have any….2’s?”

Jeff winced and handed over both of his 2’s.

LM’s feathers rustled happily. He set down his four 2’s. “There. Look at that.”

Jeff smiled. “It’s still your turn.”

“Oh! Um.” I have one King, two 5’s, one 4, and one 10. I could ask for his 5’s, if he has any. But I would like to get my other cards as well. But which one? King? Four? Or ten? “King. Do you have any Kings?”

Jeff pulled a card out of his hand and flipped it between his index and middle fingers. “Is this what you’re looking for?”

LM grabbed the card in mid-flip and checked the image on it. “Yes.” He put it into his stack and considered his options. He doesn’t have any more Kings. So, either 5, 4, or 10. “Ten. Do you have any?”

“Go fish.”

Hmph. He didn’t even check his cards that time. I bet he’s bluffing. He picked a card—a Queen. LM frowned at it. Well, she doesn’t match ANY of my cards. His frown lifted. But maybe he has the other Queens.

Jeff arched an eyebrow as he glanced up from his cards. “Do you have…any Queens?”

LM surrendered it.

“Thanks!” He promptly laid out four Queens.

LM let out an indignant huff. I KNEW he had the other three.

Raven left the bathroom and trudged back to his seat, which was currently occupied by LM. “Ah.”

LM frowned at him. “What? You got up and went to the bathroom and stayed in there for a long time. I assumed you weren’t coming out any time soon.”

“I did not fall asleep in the bathroom, sir.” Raven sounded miffed at such implications, but he didn’t really look it. He mostly looked too tired to properly care.

LM shrugged.

Raven just stood there, wavering like he couldn’t decide if he wanted to pass out or not.

“For goodness’ sakes, Raven.” Jeff said. “Sit down before you fall down.”

“Ah.” He cast a bleary look at the chair near the sunlit window. “Ah.”

Jeff sighed. He laid his cards face down on Missy’s hospital bed and pointed at LM. “No peeking.”

LM scowled. “I wasn’t planning to.”

“Good.” Jeff stood and headed over to the available chair.

LM frowned at his cards and, ignoring Raven’s wavering, contemplated his next move.  I have two Kings, two 5’s, one 4, and one 10. But he doesn’t have any more Kings. So, I can’t guess that.

Jeff dragged the chair over.

As soon as the chair was situated on the other side of LM, Raven pretty much drooped and wilted into it. He went back to sleep almost instantly.

“It’s still your turn.” LM said to Jeff.

“Why, so it is.” He sat down and reclaimed his cards. “Do you have any—”

“—green marmalade!” Missy said to the nurse as they reentered the room. “And I don’t know why it was green.”

Jeff raised his head.

Raven startled himself nearly out of his seat. “Missy?” His eyes were half-mast slits.

She beamed at him. “Raven.”

LM gave Jeff a fiercely expectant look.

“Oh, right. Do you have any 3’s?”

LM smiled. “Go fish.”


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