Part 2586 – This Shower Wasn’t Expecting To Be Witness To So Much Steam.

Hildreth smiled. Elsie’s hair had dampened down from the shower water, but it still had plenty of lift going on. I wonder what it would take to thoroughly saturate her hair. Buckets of water, I guess. Or a whole lot of scrubbing action. He nodded. Yeah. Definitely a lot of scrubbing.

Elsie teasingly tugged on some strands of his drenched hair. “You’re all lost in your thoughts, Mayhew.”

“What can I say? I’m a creature of habit.”

“Indeed you are. If we were sparring right now, I would have already flipped you onto your back.”

He laughed.


“Here I am thinking about washing your hair and you’re jumping straight to ‘Let me get this fine, naked man flat on his back. Hmmmmm-hm!'”

She blushed or maybe the heat of the shower was finally getting to her. Either way, Hildreth thought she looked absolutely adorable with pink cheeks. “I didn’t mean it li—” She stopped. “Wait. Washing my hair? That’s what you were thinking about?”

“Yep! I know it seems like a weird thing, but you gotta imagine the whole experience. Picture this, Els:  Me digging my strong, capable fingers into all of those lovely frizzy layers of hair, rubbing and massaging your scalp under the falling water until your hair is all wet.”

Hildreth bit back a laugh as Elsie’s expression turned very intense. I think mah girl is gonna pounce on me, if I keep going. So, I’m gonna keep on going. “But that’s just the fun preliminaries. Next, I pour the shampoo into my hands. Hmm. Such clean smelling shampoo. I rub my hands together until the stuff is all foamy.” He slowly rubbed his hands together in demonstration. “Just like this. Then, I put my foamy hands on your hair and I dig in deep an—”

She grabbed his shoulders and shoved him against the nearest wall.

He laughed. “Look at mah Elsie gettin’ all fired up. Hmm-hmm–”

She pressed her body against his and kissed him.

“Hmmmmm….” He spread his hands on her back and leaned into her.

Elsie deepened the kiss.

Hildreth moaned helplessly, a moan that seemed to come from some deep spot inside his chest. Everything. Everything she is. Everything she does. He returned her kisses with equal passion. Everything she makes me feel. Oh, how she makes me feel…

Elsie caressed every part of Hildreth that she could touch without breaking away from him. It technically speaking wasn’t much, but it was more than enough to make him moan again.


She is beautiful in everything.


He is breathtaking.

No. That isn’t right.

Hildreth doesn’t take my breath. He steals it completely away.

Elsie shivered with pleasure as his passionate kisses moved down to her neck. She leaned her head back to make things easier for him. “Hildreth.”

“Hmm?” he hummed against her skin.

It was a wonderful, intoxicating sensation.

And, for once, Elsie didn’t care that they were in a bathroom or that they were in a shower. She wanted him. She wanted him so much she could have punched a hole in the stall’s glass door about it. The thought of how much trouble it would be to replace the door, however, stayed her hand. “Here.”

He looked up at her. “Hm?”

She met his gaze. “Here.

For a moment, his expression was something like tracking on an old VHS tape. Lots of gray and black lines fuzzing up the picture. Then, it all cleared up as he seemingly caught onto her meaning of the word here. “You sure you don’t want to get ourselves back to the nice, poofy comfort of our bed with its pillows and blanket and–”

She grabbed the hair on the sides of his head, which made him laugh out loud. “Very sure.”

“Well, then!” he said in a voice that was practically bubbling over with restrained laughter. “If you’re gonna be all that insistent—”


“Can I wash your hair afterwards?” He sounded and looked so very hopeful.

Elsie couldn’t help but laugh. This strange and wonderful man. “Yes.”


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