Part 2584 – A Jittery Elevator Passenger Who Is NOT Ambrose.

Barbara pressed the button for the fifth floor. Since her hands were all sticky anyway, she sat on the floor and ate her sliced up waffles. Mmm. I’m so glad I didn’t smash this into his face. It really would have been a tragic waste.

The elevator stopped at the second floor.

A couple of women came aboard, talking to each other in fast-paced Armenian. They were so deeply involved in their conversation, neither of them noticed Barbara sitting on the floor. The one woman pressed the button for the fourth floor without disrupting the flow of their conversation.

The elevator continued its upward journey. Only to stop at the third floor.

A man who had the generalized look and jitteriness of a racing greyhound entered the elevator. He pressed the button for the first floor. The man leaned against the wall, but he couldn’t be still. His arms twitched. His gaze kept scanning the ceiling and the walls. He kept shifting his weight.

The elevator made it up to the fourth floor. The two women exited. The man scowled when he saw which floor it was. He huffed out an aggrieved sigh and flapped his hands impatiently at his sides.

“Are you nervous?” Barbara asked.

He startled. “What? NO.”

Barbara ate another piece of waffle as she waited for the man to explain.

He did not explain. He pressed the button for the first floor again.

The elevator, however, went up instead of down.

He swore under his breath.

“My husband gets nervous too when he has to ride on eleva—”

The man shot a glare at her. “I am NOT nervous. So, leave me alone.”

Barbara took a sip of her orange juice. She had so many questions, but, clearly, she was not going to get any answers.

The elevator stopped at the fifth floor.

“Always going up instead of down.” the man grumbled.

“It will go down eventually.” Barbara stood.

The man glared at her again. “I said, leave me ALONE.”

Why is he being so hostile and jittery? Is it a bad case of drug withdrawal? Maybe he’s a vampire who didn’t get his one bite last night. 

The door slid open.

“I hope you have a good day.” Barbara exited the elevator before the man could respond.

She came very close to throwing her drink and her plate of food on the floor so she could run to Ambrose. But she was still hungry and everything on her plate looked really good.

So, she carried it all back to her room.

Barbara stopped at their door and slid the card key through the scanner.

The door unlocked.

She pushed it open and entered the room.

Ambrose was still in bed and, from all appearances, sound asleep.

Barbara set her plate and orange juice on the combined tv stand/dresser and returned to the bed.

Ambrose had flipped over on his stomach. His face was buried in his pillow and his arms lay all stretched out along the sides of his head.

She smiled and sat beside him. “I’m back.”


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