Part 2581 – A Joyful Solo Dance

Ambrose wanted to talk to Barbara a little longer. He wanted to hold her and kiss her a little bit more. He wanted to stretch the moment as far as it could be stretched and even further than that.

But his day exhaustion returned with renewed lethargy.

He swayed or maybe the world around him swayed. There simply was no way to know for certain. When he blinked, it felt so good to keep his eyes closed. Opening them again was too much effort. His shoulders slumped.

He somehow wound up lying flat on his back on the mattress. He had either crumpled, or Barbara had guided him down. Maybe it was a mix of both. He honestly had no idea.

He was only dimly aware of Barbara covering him with the blanket.

“It’s not fair.” He yawned and kept his eyes closed. “So many of our conversations, good conversations, always get interrupted by—” He yawned again.

“I know.” Barbara stroked his hair.

“Hmmmmm….” He pressed his head against her hand, which made her giggle.

“You really are a kitten, aren’t you?”

“Ha.” He smiled. “Brat.”

She giggled again and it was the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard. “I’m going to go down to breakfast. Then, I’m going to walk along the beach.”

He valiantly cracked his eyes open a smidge. “I wish I could come with you.”

“I know. So do I.”

He struggled to open his eyes all the way. “I could try. I could…I…”

She gently kissed his lips. “Stay here, kitten. Get your sleep. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry, okay?”

Ambrose sighed and closed his eyes again. “Okay. Be safe.”

“I will. I promise.”


Barbara kissed him one more time.

“Hmmm….” Ambrose drifted off to sleep.

Oh, it would be so easy to just stay here with him. But I really do need to get something to eat before I pass out or something.

She got off the bed, put on some sunscreen, and left the room. She made sure to put up the DO NOT DISTURB!!/¡No molestes! sign on the door before heading down the hall.

The cleaning crew was already up and about, doing their rounds.

Barbara smiled as she maneuvered around one of the carts. I’m so glad I put up the sign. Poor Ambrose. He really needs his sleep.

Especially after last night.

She blushed with pride and pleasure at the memory of his expression when she stepped out of the bathroom.

The surprise.

The awe.

The desire.

The love and admiration.

The memory of it filled her with light and happiness. There was only one way to express so much happiness. She danced all the way to the elevator.

It was a joyful solo dance that didn’t require a partner.

It didn’t even need music.

People passing by her gave Barbara “What the heck kind of drugs are you on?” looks. But she didn’t notice or care.

The elevator door was already open and waiting for her.

She twirled her way aboard and finished her dance by pressing the 1 button.

As the elevator descended, Barbara leaned back against the wall. He was so careful about removing my negligee. He didn’t tear anything or break anything. So careful. So precise.


Her blush deepened. Ohhh, then. It’s amazing to think of how nervous we both were before the wedding and how our first time together was such a near disaster. And now? No more fears and doubts. No more pushing him away.

Far from it.

He makes me so happy.

And I make him happy too.


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