Part 2572 – “Don’t Talk. Show Me Now.”

Elsie’s smile stole Hildreth’s breath clear away.

This woman…


This woman I love.

“Elsie baby.”

I adore so much about her.

“Elsie. My wonderfully fierce Marauder.”

“Hildreth.” Elsie chuckled. “My Lovering Machine.”

He laughed. “Still one of the best nicknames ever. Just because it’s so random and ridiculous. But I’m still hoping to get at least one more nickname. I’d like one that’s either perfectly raunchy, exquisitely ludicrous, or sublimely ridiculous. All three, if possible.”

She laughed with him. “You would wish for something like that.”

“Of course! A man has to have lofty goals.”

Her eyes seemed to sparkle in the early morning light. “Frankly, I think that Lovering Machine is an understatement.”


“Mm-hmm. There is nothing at all machine-like about your lovering. It’s so much more and so much better than that.”

“Aw shucks, ma’am. You’re gonna make me blush with compliments like that.”

“Don’t laugh it off. I mean it.” She spread her hands on his chest.

He inhaled a sharp breath at her touch. Can she feel it? Can she feel how fast my heart is racing right now? Well. Her hands ARE on my chest. So, yeah. Yeah, I guess she can feel that just fine. The real question is: Can she see how much I want her? If she pushes me down on the mattress, she sure won’t have to push all that hard. I’ll go down like a fainting daisy. Wait. Would fainting violet be a better phrase? It’s more unexpected, but violets are so low to the ground and daisies are tall flowers…Hmm. I guess I’ll go with fainting daisy. It has a better visual.

“You are amazing.” Elsie said.

It took Hildreth a full minute to realize that she wasn’t referring to his internal debate about fainting flowers.

Fortunately, Elsie didn’t seem to notice his non-reaction. She kept talking. “You make me feel so good, so happy, so completely amazing. I love being intimate with you.”

“And I with you.” He held her face in between his hands and gently kissed her forehead. “I love so many things about you, Elsie Mayhew. No. Wait. Correction: I love everything about you.” 

Elsie sidled into his lap. “So?” She grabbed his shoulders and pushed him down onto the bed. Her frizzy hair floofed over her shoulders.

A delighted smile spread across his face.

“Don’t talk about it.” She dug her fingers into the hair on the sides of his head, which made him burst out in delirious laughter. “Show me, Hildreth, how much you love me.”

Still laughing, Hildreth said, “Oh yes, ma’am!” In a series of fast moves, he set his hair free from her grip, flipped Elsie onto her back, and straddled her. 

She laughed in surprise.

He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Elsie. Elllsiee.” He kissed his way down from her ear to her neck. “I love you.”

She arched her head back to give him better access to her neck. “Don’t stop.”

I’m not sure if she means ‘Don’t stop loving me’ or ‘Don’t stop any of this red hot lovering’. Eh, I’ll take it as a bit of both. He kissed her throat.

She closed her eyes and panted softly.

The sound of her panting…

The feel of its movement against my lips…

Her breasts pressed against my chest…

“Ohhh…” Hildreth moaned as his body thrummed with desire, muscles tightened, skin flamed. “Oh. Oh, Els. Elsie. Elsie.” 

Then, she touched him.

Her hands moved down his chest to his waist up his back into his hair. Elsie grabbed random sections of his hair. “Don’t stop.” she said breathlessly. “Please. Don’t you dare stop.”


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