Part 2550 – Getting My Tight Slacks On!

Pulling those tight slacks up Isellta’s legs was not an easy task. It involved a lot of pinching and pulling and smoothing, which in itself would have been challenge enough.

His bare skin was quite a distraction. Every inch was practically tattooed with the words “TOUCH ME!!” It was a very difficult thing to resist. If Isellta were free and permissive, Eschia would have caressed every bit of him.

But Isellta was not free. He belonged to Queen Preyuna until she released him. And Eschia knew that there was no way that Preyuna would ever release someone like him.

As for the permissive part, he was anything but that. Oh, sure. He stood nice and still for her during all the pinching and pulling. But his legs twitched every single time she smoothed the slacks.

It all got worse the higher up she went. His legs trembled. His breathing became all jagged.

How am I going to get his personal business all tucked in? I want to do it myself, but I’m pretty sure he’ll scream if I touch them.

“I—I—I’m s—sorry.” Isellta clenched and unclenched his hands. “I—I can…ngh!”

She stopped and gave him a considering look. “Would it make things easier if I change back into him?”

He blushed. “I don’t think so. I believe that would make things…more. Things would be…um…not easier?They would be…harder?”

Eschia was pretty sure that he wasn’t trying to be suggestive, but she blushed as well. “Then, I will stay as myself.”

“Thank you.”

“Unless…Did you want me to keep going? Or did you want to pull it up the rest of the way yourself?”

Isellta hesitated.

Eschia took a step back and waited for him to make up his mind.

“Um…Well. I guess.” He sighed and turned his face away from her. “You’ve made it this far. You might as well keep going.”

“Are you sure?”

He nodded.



She is not Her Majesty.

She is Eschia. She is like Jay and Maelin. She won’t hurt me.

I’m pretty sure she won’t hurt me.

I can trust her.

I think I can trust her.

I thought I could trust Her Majesty and look where it got me.

I don’t think Eschia will do that to me.

I didn’t think Her Majesty would ever do that to me.

His heart raced as Eschia dragged and tugged the material up his thighs. Her fingers pinched and pulled at the creases. Her hands smoothed them down.

Isellta shivered at her touch. He clenched his teeth to keep them from bumping each other.

Her Majesty has never touched me like this. Ever.

But what if?

What if?

What if?

What if?

He covered his mouth with his hands to keep his teeth from chattering. To keep his mouth still. To keep himself from screaming.

She won’t. She won’t. She won’t. She won’t. I have to believe that she won’t. But…her hands are coming closer. I don’t want. Coming closer. I don’t want. Coming closer. I. DON’T. WANT.

“Don’t touch me!” The words should have been a forceful yell, but they came out as a desperate plea inside his hands. “I don’t want you to touch me. Jay said I had the right to–to–to—I don’t—I don’t—I don’t want—I have the right to say who touches me. Just please. Please.”

Eschia raised her hands and took a couple of steps back.

He uncovered his mouth. “I’m sorry.”

“For what? As you said, you have the right to make this choice. And you made it.” She tilted her head. “Is that really something to regret, Isellta?”

Isellta tucked himself in and worked on pulling up his slacks the rest of the way. He thought about his act of surrendering himself to Preyuna. “Sometimes it is, Eschia.”

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