Part 2547 – Girl Just Wants Breakfast, Not Drama.

“But you didn’t come in here just to be bummed out.” Maelin kissed the small, exposed part of Jay’s chest.

Jay chuckled softly. “I will admit that wasn’t part of my agenda for this morning.”

“That’s very reassuring.” She stayed in his embrace a little longer and a little longer than that.

He smiled lovingly and raked his fingers through her hair.

Looking into his eyes, Maelin felt like she was falling and soaring at the same time.

He kissed her.

She leaned into him, wanting him in so many ways.

Jay ended the kiss.

The way he looked at Maelin while still holding her so close heated up her skin. Her brain just plain shut down on her. She couldn’t think of anything intelligent or otherwise to say.

He smiled. “I’m going to make French toast. Do you want some too?”

All she could do was nod.


Petrov sighed in disappointment. There was absolutely nothing worth noting. Jay and Maelin were blessing/cursing the room with their PDA, all depending on how one viewed it.

He was personally neutral about it.

Hank was still in a mope about Dave not being home yet. Nothing new there either.

People came in.

People left.

People stayed to eat and talk. They didn’t have anything memorable or worthwhile to talk about. It was all just friendly banter and inane such.

A couple of bodyguards sat at the table to eat their food and to discuss the nature of dreams. There was a weird amount of arithmetic involved in that discussion.

Also, not interesting.

Petrov sighed and leaned back against the wall.

He waited.

Someone was bound to say something interesting eventually. If not, well. Then, he’d get himself some breakfast.


Seeing Maelin and Jay’s PDA made Hank think of Dave. But he did a lot more than just think of Dave. He longed for him.

Deep inside his guts and veins, Hank longed for the man he loved.

He cleaned up the shattered cereal bowl in the sink.

But all I can do is just wait. Wait for him to come home. My delicious Dave will come home to me.

He threw out the last shard of cereal bowl mess and walked over to Jay. “Hey. I’m gonna go for a jog down the driveway and all the way back up. You wanna come with me?”

Before Jay could answer, Preyuna entered the room. She wore a simple peasant kind of gown, but she made it look like a “Queen Disguised As A Peasant” trope come to life. There just was no way to un-Queen someone like her.

But Isellta was not with her.

“Where’s Isellta?” Jay asked.

“He’s changing his clothes. He should be here shortly.”

Jay walked over to her. “Is he all right? If you’ve hurt him again—”

“Ugh! It’s too early in the morning to deal with your annoyingly defensive behavior. Not to mention, but I am hungry. So, kindly get out of my way or I will shove you into the sharp edge of the counter.”

Hank frowned. He charged forward to run interference.

Preyuna hands glowed with her magic. She glared at Hank. “Don’t test your luck, guard. Back down.”

Hank stopped at Jay’s side. “I will not let you hurt my friend.”

“Then, get your annoying guard selves out of my way. I am here to eat breakfast, not to start a fight. I know that concept is almost impossible for Neanderthal brains like you to process and accept. But it’s true. Now, out of my way.”

The two guards moved to the side.

She smiled at them. It was like a glacier in a half-frozen bay. “Thank you so much for being so obliging.”


Petrov nodded in approval. Now, this is interesting…

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