Part 2534 – I Heard Someone Crying.

Isellta slept peacefully with the pillow wrapped in his embrace. If he had any troubling dreams, it didn’t show in his breathing or in his expression. But he held on tight to that pillow. If it had any plans of escaping, it would have to do a tremendous amount of wiggling and squirming to break free.

Fortunately, it was a pillow. So, it didn’t have to worry or make plans or escape. It could just stay in Isellta’s arms and be squished.

And so it was.

Isellta hugged the pillow closer as if he were trying to pull it into his body. Yet, his expression remained calm. His body remained otherwise relaxed.

He slept.




The room was so quiet, so peaceful. It was like the room itself was at rest.

Isellta dreamed and it was not a nightmare. Nor was it a bad dream.

It was a very good and happy dream.

The corner of his mouth went up into a slight smile. But there were no such slight smiles in his dream. Instead, there was joy and ecstasy and laughter that could light the night. There were wondrous touches and love.

Amazing, brilliant love.

And peace.

So much peace.

Isellta spread his hands, soft and light, on the pillow’s back. But in his dream, he wasn’t touching a pillowcase. He was touching a shirt that was a little wrinkled from his hands’ tight grip.

In his dream, he moved his hands down the shirt’s back, smoothing out the wrinkles.

In his dream, someone was wearing the shirt.

Someone with a scar that ran from the middle of his forehead through his eyebrow and eye and all the way down the side of his face. But that face was beautiful to Isellta. It would always be beautiful to him.

In his dream, he looked into Robin’s eyes and Robin looked back.

“Robin.” Isellta murmured in his sleep. “My Robin. My Robin…”

The explosive shatter of glass jolted Isellta awake. He lay there, wide-eyed, heart racing. He glanced around, searching with only his eyes.

Someone cried. Broken, jagged crying. There was no restraint, no attempts to hide the pain and the grief.

Isellta’s heart raced. His body jittered with the adrenaline-fueled need to run out the door and get away from whatever horror was sobbing in the bathroom.

Yet, something in that heartbroken sobbing tugged at him. He scrambled out of the bed with the pillow still in his arms.

The bathroom light poured through the open door, illuminating the glass shards on the floor.

Two more percussive hits rattled the walls and dimmed the light.

Isellta fled to the bedroom door and, with panicked, trembling hands, yanked it open.

But the person in the bathroom kept crying.

Even though everything inside of him was urging him to run somewhere, anywhere else, he stopped and listened. Again, that crying tugged at him. He could hear the grief, the loss, the deep desolation in it.

Someone is hurt. Someone needs comfort. I can’t just leave them, no matter who it might be.

He closed the door. Holding onto that pillow for dear life, he followed the crying into the bathroom.

The shattered mirror was the first thing he noticed. The entire space where the mirror was supposed to be was nothing but a large, gaping hole. Glass shards and wall debris littered the counter and the floor.

Preyuna stood before the counter with her hands gripping the edge. Her head was bowed.

She was the one crying.

Isellta carefully set the pillow against the wall outside the door. “Your Majesty?”

She didn’t respond. Her shoulders shook as she kept crying.

The shattered bits of glass pressed against the soles of his feet as Isellta approached her. “Your Majesty? What happened?”

She shook her head and kept crying.

He leaned his head against her arm. “Shh. It’s okay.” He stroked her hair. “It’s okay. It’s okay.”


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