Part 2531 – This Whole Chapter Is A Mark Caten Monologue. Consider Yourself Warned.

Mark finished dressing himself as she went into the bathroom to freshen up. He pulled his folding traveler’s brush out of his slacks’ pocket and brushed his hair into order.

He chuckled at the sounds of her hurrying about in the bathroom. I have her tucked into my back pocket. All nice and safe and right where I want her to be. So easy. So incredibly easy. Not at all like my desiccated cupcake.


Oh, my dear, dear Preyuna.

He smiled. How well did you sleep last night, Preyuna, without me in your bed? He chuckled again. I’m sure you snuggled with your little bit of nothing and feathers. As if something like THAT could even compare to me. He doesn’t want you.

He laughed out loud. Not even a dab of desire for you. He doubled over with laughter. And you are stuck with him as a love companion. Or a whore. Whatever it is you wish to call that boy. But you will never be able to call him all yours.

She turned on the shower.

Poor Preyuna.

My poor, poor Preyuna.

You are going to miss me so much by the end of this day. He grinned. I wonder how you’ll take all of your frustrations out on him. What form of violence will you choose? Because I know you, cupcake. You will choose violence. It’s only natural. And, really? It’s to be expected. After all, you’ve been separated from your god. Such withdrawal pains are completely natural.

Mark pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and woke it up. After the usual loading screen nonsense, he brought up the app for his monitors on his cell phone. He tapped the Search button and typed in “Preyuna Cupcake, fey”. “Now, let’s see where you are.”

He hit Enter.

A message popped up — “Search Item Found In Cupcake’s Bedroom.”

“Well, that’s terribly predictable and boring. I was hoping for something more mentally stimulating. Something that will make me wonder what you’re up to. But, oh. Look at that. You’re in your room. How. Dull.”

But he tapped on the highlighted message anyway.

The monitor’s image came up. Isellta slept all curled up in Preyuna’s arms.

“Cute.” Mark sat on the bed and smiled. It’s so charming and idyllic. Little loser whore boy sleeping with her. It’s positively precious. But it won’t last. He chuckled. Of course, it won’t last. He’ll inevitably blubber about wanting to be with his One True Love. She’ll inevitably take offense about such blubbering. That’s when it will get really interesting. My half-moldering cupcake getting all abusive and violent.

She shut off the shower and made hurried getting out of the shower sounds.

He shut his phone off and put it away. Too bad I’ll miss that particular show. Oh well. There’s always next time.

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