Part 2523 – It Was Day, But Now It Isn’t.

Sammy didn’t know where their starting point at the cliff was located. He could sense through his internal homing that Pinkerlee was quite a distance away, even by dragon flight standards. If he had been alone, he would have known exactly how far that distance was. He would have known exactly what country, county, city, pinpoint spot on the map he was currently at.

But he wasn’t alone.

He was with Deliosa. No matter what their future held, he was with her in this moment. The fine line, carefully mapped details didn’t matter because they were together. All he had to do was fly beside her and follow his internal homing to return to Pinkerlee. And it was really that simple.

They ducked in and out of dense banks of clouds. Sammy caught the faint salt scent of ocean water. Maybe it was the Atlantic. Maybe it was the Pacific. If he had focused a little harder on the scent, he would have known for certain. Each ocean had its own distinct odor: the Atlantic – starfish, slate, and salt. The Pacific – ambergris, kelp, and salt. The Indian – sea grass with a faint touch of distant sands. As for the Arctic and Antarctic, he had no idea what they smelled like. The air currents above those oceans were rumored to be too cold for dragon blood.

Sammy and Deliosa flew through some time zone shenanigans as they approached Pinkerlee. The sky dulled into tired early morning blues, which darkened into early dawn stratas of navy blue and white and sleepy orange. The sun disappeared over the horizon.

By the time Sammy landed in his own backyard, the sky was dark once again. The automatic lights on his back porch clicked on, illuminating him. His silver crest shined sharp. Deliosa landed just outside the circle of light.

He transformed back into his human form, but she did not. He looked up at her. “I’ll see you at duskfall.”

Shall I meet you here, Samer?

He thought about it and shook his head. “I’ll come to you.”

She purred. What should I wear? I assume ‘come as you are’ is not an option.

“No, it really isn’t. This is going to possibly sound sexist or something, but feminine business formal tends to be the accepted dress code for meeting a male dragon’s elder.”

So, no slacks?

“No slacks. Nothing frilly. Clean lines.”

Her voice sounded amused inside his head as she said, So, no V-necks, no skirts with thigh-high slits, no ruffled bandeau tops.

He smiled. “As much as I would love to see you dressed in any one of those or some combination thereof, no.”

Deliosa crept into the light and stretched her head towards him. Samer… She pressed her snout against his chest and exhaled warm, dry breath through her nostrils.

Sammy stroked the scales on her face. So smooth. So warm. So incredibly beautiful. He hadn’t intended to mentally project those thoughts, but he hadn’t bothered to block them from being heard either.

She purred and her purr vibrated straight through his chest into his spine. As are you.

He rested his face against hers. Lee…

We’ll be fine, Samer. You’ll see. We’ll be fine.

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