Part 2522 – Moody Weather

Sammy wrapped his arm over her shoulders. He watched the sun rise and felt time tick on by.



Minute minutes that tick tick ticked into an hour.

And he didn’t want to let her go.

They sat on the cliff’s edge. Just him and her. He treasured every second. He relished the feel of her, the nearness of her, the everything of her. He memorized it all and hoped he would never forget this series of moments, that he would never forget her.

“You have to leave now, don’t you?” she asked.

“I don’t want to, Lee. I want to stay with you.” He sighed. Several of the tulips lost their luster and faded out of existence.

“But you can’t.”

“I can’t.” Some of the roses shattered into shards and melted into the ground.

She hugged his nearest arm and rested her head on his shoulder. “Then, I guess we should both leave.”

He leaned his head against her head. “Yeah.”


One by one, the flowers disappeared. Some disappeared in clumps as a collective Poof! Soon enough, though, they were all gone.

Sammy and Deliosa sat on the edge of a barren cliff, trying to hold on to those last precious seconds. But they both knew they couldn’t hold on. They had to let go.

Sammy stood and helped her up. “Are you ready?”

She shook her head.

“Neither am I.” He moved away from her and transformed into his dragon self.

Deliosa transformed as well. She looked at him with her clear amber eyes and purred softly.

Sammy leaped straight up and flew into the early morning sky. He closed his eyes as he ascended. He didn’t want to think or feel anything.

But then she called to him in her trumpet-toned voice.

He opened his eyes and looked back at her.

Her powerful golden wings that flashed in the morning light.

Her rich peach and pale orange pattern that mimicked the beginning of sunrise.

It wasn’t possible for him to feel nothing for her. He trumpeted back to her. His voice was full of sorrow.

Heavy rainclouds appeared.

Deliosa flew around him in a flashy circle.

He turned his head, tracking her movement. Even with the sun obscured, she seemed to sparkle and shine.

She trumpeted again and flew ahead of him.

He exhaled sharply through his nostrils before pursuing her.

She trumpeted again.

Sammy responded.

Small holes appeared in the clouds and the sun shined through.

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