Part 2520 – “Day. Oh, Day.”

As Barbara sashayed closer to him, Ambrose stripped off his tank top. He threw it off to the side…somewhere. He didn’t know where it landed. He didn’t care where or how it landed.

His eyes were just on her. Ambrose couldn’t look away from her. He admired every soft curve, every concealed detail. His body tingled in anticipation of her touch. I want.

I want…

She twirled in front of him, just a little out of his reach. She grinned and danced behind him. Before he could turn around, Barbara wrapped her arms around his waist.

He exhaled a heated, “Hunh!” and leaned his head back. “Barbara. Barbara.”

“My Ambrose.” She kissed the middle of his back. Her hands slid down to his belt buckle.

He panted — wanting and needing more. So much more.

She unbuckled his belt and unzipped his slacks.

He moaned as she released his waist to pull his slacks down. “Barbara…Barbara…”

She came around to his front side and smiled impishly.

Ambrose couldn’t resist. He embraced her. The lingerie’s sheer material felt so soft against his bare skin. He pulled her in closer. The embroidered black roses rubbed against his chest and it felt so good.

He kissed her — a hungry, devouring kiss, which she enjoyed and gladly returned. I love you. he mentally projected to her. I love you so much. So incredibly much.

I love you too. She guided him over to the bed and pulled him down with her. There was an audible snap as one of her chopsticks broke from the impact. “Oops!”

He laughed. “I guess lesson learned for both of us.” He removed both chopsticks and tossed them over his shoulder. “No back-flopping into bed with those things in your hair.”


He examined her head for any injuries. Finding none, he smiled at her. “So. How do I take your outfit off? I’d rather not ruin it by tearing it in half.”

She caressed his chest. “I could tell you.” She giggled. “But I’ll let you figure it out through trial and error.”

“Ohh, you are a naughty girl.”

She giggled again. “Am I a brat?”

He kissed the outer rim of her ear and whispered, “Always, my love. And a most outrageous one.”


Sammy transformed into his human form and walked to the edge of the cliff. He looked up at the sky.

The darkness had shifted from black to midnight blue. A shatter of beginning light lay far out on the horizon.

“But day!
Oh, day.
She comes soft
On star-lit feet.
On feet afire.

“Day brings sleep.
Brings separation.
Bright sorrow and loneliness.
Oh, day.
Cruel day.”

He stopped and struggled to remember the next verse. “Oh, day. Cruel day.” What will this day be like? Will my elder approve of Lee? Will she accept her? What will I do if she does not? I can’t go against her decision, but what will I do? How will I refrain from destroying everything around me?

Reciting Aurelius? Deliosa asked inside his mind.

“Yes.” He listened to her walk up behind him. She was in her human form. He knew. He could tell without even looking. Her footsteps were lighter in her human form. There was no drag of her tail. No rustle from the air blowing past her folded wings.

She stopped beside him and looked out into the horizon. “That’s surprising. Even though I suppose it shouldn’t be that surprising. Vampire or not, Aurelius isn’t exactly an unknown poet.”

Sammy smiled a neutral smile. “He’s one of the Five Great Vampire Poets. He’s always put into third place, which I don’t think is quite fair. Aurelius’ poems are better than Clie Dendie’s pieces. Dendie has an inconsistent voice. Aurelius, however…Well. You can recognize his poems with just one stanza. Plus, Aurelius writes with a better grip of emotion.”

He fell silent and watched the dawn encroach on the left-over night.

“Day.” Deliosa said.
“Oh, day.
Why must you come?
Why steal the night away?

“I want the night to linger.
Oh, how I long for the night to stay.
But you come, day, and you kill it.
You steal the night away.

“And you are here
Once again.
Cruel Day
Has come
Once again.”

She reached for his hand and twined their fingers together. “It will be okay, Sammy. We will be okay.”

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