Part 2516 – Barbara Smith — Woman On A Mission.

Barbara was focused on getting into the hotel. She barely noticed the balmy breeze ruffling her loose strands of hair much less the distant roar of the surf. If someone had asked her to describe the outside of the hotel or to give the number of palm trees around it, she wouldn’t have been able to provide an adequate answer. 

She was a woman on a mission — Get herself and her husband into their hotel room. It was a simple mission, but she was determined to see it through. Observations and flowery commentary about their surroundings and/or the weather would just have to wait until later.

Barbara dragged her luggage with her right hand and held onto Ambrose’s free hand with her left. She kept her gaze fixed on the front door, as if it might spontaneously disappear. 

But the door did not disappear.

And no vampire hunters ambushed them as Barbara and Ambrose entered the hotel.

No traps.

No Mark Caten tricks.

But she held onto Ambrose’s hand and he held onto hers.

Barbara would have taken him straight to their room, if she had an idea of which room to go to and if she had the key. She didn’t have either of those. So, they had to stop at the front desk and sign in. 

Fortunately, the check in process was quick and painless. No drama. No unnecessary delays. Ambrose did wince when the desk person told them that their room was on the fifth floor and that the only staircase was under repair. The only way up or down was the elevator.

Barbara stroked the back of his hand with her thumb. “It’s okay, kitten. I’m here. You aren’t alone.”

“I know.” He looked at her with so much love it stole almost all of her breath clean away. His voice was soft and tender as he repeated, “I know. And there is no one else I’d rather be with. I love you. Just you, my love.”

Her thoughts and feelings were so much. Her desire for him…so much more than it was before they were married. Even more than before their first time together. Her face burned. No. All of her skin burned. Her heart raced. And she kept thinking about how much she wanted to touch him. The loveliness of his bare skin. His touch. How much she wanted his touch. “Ambrose.” Her desire came out clear and strong in that one word. It would have been impossible to miss it.

He smiled. “My love. I think we’ve been down here far too long.”

“I agree.” She said it far too quickly.

He laughed. “Then, lead me onwards.”

“I will.” Her eagerness was as plain and as obvious as can be.

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