Part 2514 – “Can We Leave Now??”

The rental car employee gave them some last minute instructions about what time they needed to return the car, how to return the car, and what to do if there was no one at the desk to accept the keys. He also gave Ambrose a quick run-down of the car’s special bells and whistles.

Ambrose nodded in understanding, asking questions when necessary. But he was so ready to drive off. If this guy could just stop talking and go back inside, we’d be able to leave already.

Barbara embraced her husband’s nearest arm. Patience, kitten. We’ll leave soon enough.

I know. He kissed her head.

“So, that’s that.” the rental employee said. “Did you have any more ques—”

“Nope.” Ambrose said. “We’re good.”

The employee looked annoyed at being verbally cut off like that, but he kept his voice neutrally professional. “Very good. I hope you two have a wonderful time in our city.”

There were so many ways Ambrose could have responded to that statement. But then Barbara looked up at him. Her wavy honey-blonde hair had curled a little more in the lingering humidity.

It was just too irresistible.

Ambrose pinched the ends of a group of strands and gently straightened them. He released them. They all sproinged back into shape.

The rental employee must have figured out that he wasn’t going to be getting anymore conversation out of Ambrose. He said a very generic, “Have a good night.” and left.


Barbara looked into Ambrose’s eyes and was awed by the love she found there. It shouldn’t amaze me. After all, this is the same man who tore through a brick wall to rescue me.

But I can’t help it.

This man.

This handsome, powerful man looks at me and sees someone desirable. True, I’ve never thought of myself as undesirable. But for someone who’s lived as long as he has to see me that way…It’s amazing.

She spread her hands on his chest. “No matter what you’ve done in your past or whatever difficulties our future life together may hold, I am so glad and happy that I married you.”

“No regrets?”

“None. I’d marry you again in a heartbeat.”

“Barbara.” He put his hands on top of hers. “My Barbara.”

“My Ambrose.” She smiled at him. “Can we finally go now?”

Ambrose kissed her—a spine-tingling, breath-stealing kiss. “Yes.” he whispered in her ear.

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