Part 2513 – Here Is Your Car. Now, Leave. Bye.

Maybe it was Ambrose’s imagination, but it sure seemed like it was a lot faster to check out of the airport than it was to check in. The only real delay was the whole waiting for their luggages to make a grand appearance on the baggage claim belt. But even that didn’t take all that long.

The transportation situation was likewise easily dealt with. John had decided to pay a little extra to have a rental all ready and waiting for them. Ambrose and Barbra just had to pick up the keys from the kiosk and go out to claim their car.

One of the employees from the rental place had to walk them out to make sure they found their car without any difficulties. He talked whole paragraphs as he led them through the parking lot.

Ambrose’s attention, however, was fixed on Barbara. He couldn’t tear his gaze away from several strands of hair that had escaped her up-do. They blew about in the night’s balmy breeze, lightly grazing her skin.

I want to touch them. I want to curl them around my fingers. I want to kiss them. I want to kiss her face. I want to kiss…all of her. Every little bit of her. I want her to see and to feel and to know how ardently I love her.

Barbara looked up at him. She immediately blushed.

He smirked. “Are my thoughts that obvious, love?”

“Maybe. Are mine?”

He raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Do your thoughts merit such a deep blush?”

“Oh, yes.” Her blush somehow deepened. “When we get to the hotel, you’ll understand why.”

He laughed. “I’m looking forward to this.”

Her eyes seemed to shine in the parking lot lights. “I am too.” Barbara wrapped her free arm around Ambrose’s waist. “Ohh, I don’t even know what time it is. I have a strong feeling that it’s very…late at night? Very early in the morning? Not sure which. I just know that I probably should be tripping all over myself exhausted.”

He kissed her head. “I could tell you the exact time down to the very minute and second. But I believe that knowing the exact time would DEFINITELY make you exhausted.”

“Oh, well. That wouldn’t do at all.” She smiled flirtatiously at him. “That would ruin all of my plans.”

He let out a surprised laugh. “All of them? What? You have more than one?”

She giggled. “Maybe.”

“And here is your car.” the rental employee said, gesturing like a game show assistant showing off the Ultimate Grand Prize.

Ambrose gave the white Jeep Grand Cherokee a cursory glance before nodding. “I’m good with this.”

“So am I.” Barbara took the keys from the employee and gave them to Ambrose. “This is your time of day. So, I’ll let you drive.”

“Are you sure you trust me with a rental car?”

She smiled at him. “I trust you.”

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